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benefits of stress and diet management

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  • benefits of stress and diet management

    I've kept my routine fairly simple over the years. With fighting a chronic illness, I have felt it necessary to add to and increase my efforts.

    one of the most interesting things I have found with my lifestyle change over the past year or so, is the decrease in wrinkles. I didn't have many to begin with, but I had begun to have a furrowed brow. with my stress management and diet, it is markedly improved.

    Anyone else notice these fringe benefits?

  • after eating a lot of wild salmon , someone complimented how nice my skin looked so imagine it was a benefit of all that wild salmon


    • what kinds of stress mgmt techniques do you use?

      know a lot of people do things like yoga or meditation


      • I suppose I am meditative on some level. I have recognized that I can actively shut off the thousands of things in my brain if I choose. When I notice myself getting a little overwhelmed with all I have to do, I empty it and quiet my mind even for just a bit, and it helps me to clear the way for prioritizing more effectively. Nothing has changed so much, just my approach to it.

        I have a stressful job. I can only control so much of that. Recently I had to deliver some bad news and the client warned me if I didn't leave, he was probably gonna hit me, as he was about to have a freak out.
        I stepped out and heard him slamming the table and ultimately punching a hole in the wall.
        I have encountered these reactions before. I didnt necessarily do anything different, but I didn't allow it to stay on my mind after the business was handled. I chose not to think more about it, and chose not to get involved in any emotional way. I did my job and did it well, and didn't invest in it any further. I didn't analyze what I may do differently. I handled it, and I handled the inside me as well. when it was over it was just over. I felt my blood pressure spike and I told myself just to remain focused...get them taken care of and forgive them, and let it go. and I was able to do that.

        I think we have no choice in what's happening many times, but my responses have definitely changed.


        • I have a routine, which keeps me feeling as normal as possible. My night-time routine keeps me grounded. Thankfully I have no problem falling asleep, so there's no stress there. I also don't smoke, so this keeps me healthy. I look after myself. I am in good health because I have a routine and take care of myself. Life isn't perfect but I ride the ups and downs like anybody else. Oh: I also find music reduces stress. Obviously this does not include heavy metal! LOL.


          • People everywhere love chocolate of every kind. Not only is it a tasty treat for many, chocolate also boasts certain health benefits when consumed in moderation. Dark chocolate -- the healthiest variety -- promotes physical health and even functions as an aid for combatting foul moods and stress.


            • Originally posted by atskitty2 View Post
              with my stress management
              kitty are you finding that you are still able to manage and keep your stress level down?


              • Originally posted by Josephsmith21 View Post
                Dark chocolate -- the healthiest variety .
                I'm not that crazy about the taste of dark chocolate, so I don't overindulge in it, and just have a little when drinking hot green tea
                and it satisfies my desire to eat something with the tea


                • Talking of chocolate [as mentioned by Josephsmith21] I'd say the majority of people love chocolate. The chocolate industry is worth billions and trillions globally. People often beat themselves up for eating chocolate, but was it really their choice? This seems odd, but chocolate advertisers need to make their chocolate appealing: and keep the billions rolling in. How much of the food industry is really our choice when manufacturers rake it in from food sales across the globe every year?

                  Something to ponder.


                  • That's what I tell myself.


                    • I second Loric2014's post.


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