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Wrong Therapies Is the Big Mistakes People Make when Dealing with Back Pains

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  • Wrong Therapies Is the Big Mistakes People Make when Dealing with Back Pains

    There are some individuals who prefer meeting their doctors and health experts every month for the same treatment for back pains. If the treatment is supposed to be effective, then why are they coming back with the same pains every month? That’s because the treatment is not offering any relief at all. Instead of going through it again and again, one should get a monthly progress evaluation done.

  • HyunBae,

    My man, your talking my language. I have lumbar nightmare. I'm putting off surgery for as long as I can. When I have to rely upon narcotic pain meds, then I'll do surgery. As a rule, people on narcotic pain meds don't live their otherwise full lifespans. I have pain meds beyond norco, but I very, very rarely take 'em. If I can make it through a bad day, about five ounces of whiskey at bedtime will work. BTW, a physician told me that marijuana it far more safe for us than narcotic pain meds. But I haven't gone the pot route, so I have no firsthand knowledge of pot's efficacy.

    I can tell you from experience of undergoing many treatments, too often they don't work. Lack of efficacy has nothing to do with physician expertise. Physicians want to heal. If a physician could heal you, he would. If treatments don't work, it's probably due to severity to spinal injury.

    Do not seek chiropractic treatment. Chiropractors are not physicians. I wish I had a nickel for every chiropractor horror story I've heard. My back surgeon is a orthopedist who specializes in spinal surgery. He's my shoulder surgeon's back surgeon. And that, my friend, is a remarkable trait of an excellent physician. Always try to find a physician who treats other physicians. Physicians know who has skills and who're lacking. Many back surgeons are neurosurgeons. As long as they have considerable skills, choosing one over the other would probably be determined by ailment.

    The only definitive way -short of surgery- to diagnose back ailments is by MRI. I have one every three years. Every three years I get an update on the deterioration of my lumbar. I know that I'm not far from a scalpel date.

    Find the best physician possible, try to avoid opioid pain meds, abide by your physician's orders, and do a lot of praying. If I can avoid back surgery and avoid opiates, I will. Were I forced to choose between the two, I'd go with surgery.

    I know a lot of posters here are in to wholistic healing. It won't do a darn thing for damaged discs and other injuries. Always go with medical science.

    My sincere best to you.


    • I agree, Hyunbae. It doesn't seem a good idea to visit a doctor each month for the same treatment. I don't have back pain but I do have a medical condition. I visit my doctor every 3 months for a medical review. We don't always discuss the same problems. Anyhow, you've got a point.


      • I have lumbar issues. I started seeing a chiro (a good one!) and was going sometimes two times per week to relieve pain. It took a few months of going weekly to get myself to where I am now. Now, I might go once a month or every couple months just to get an adjustment. With a good chiro, there is a treatment plan and while it may seem pointless to keep going and going, it usually pays off.
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