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Should I dye my hair dark or not?

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  • Should I dye my hair dark or not?

    I have been a very light blonde all my life and I am 41 now. I kind of want a change, thinking about going dark blonde. Is that too drastic at my age or is it better to have darker hair as you get older?

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    I think that when one gets to a certain age, it doesn't matter what the fashion/ hair experts say is better for your age. I say experiment. And if you don't like it, just don't use that color again.


    • Is Light blonde your natural color?

      I wouldn't go more than a shade or 2 darker than your natural color to start. See how you like that before going darker.


      • Why not? I'd go two shades darker to start with, as suggested. A dark blonde is very stylish. Also, I would have your hair professionally dyed. It'll cost more, but you'll spare your bath tub and you won't have to worry about it going wrong.


        • Dark dyes contain a molecule called p-phenylenediamine (PPDA or pPD). Despite being found in most dark-colored cosmetics and tattoo inks, it can cause a nasty skin reaction: swelling, itching, burning, and redness. Though full-on allergic reactions are rare, they do happen—and when the cause is a permanent dark dye, they happen dramatically. Use natural products in such case. I would suggest that you see a professional.
          Prepare to buy new hair basics. Think bobby pins, hair ties, combs, clips, and headbands—they should all be in a shade that matches your hair. And that means you’ll need to go shopping for your new hair shade. The things we do for beauty! Dark hair makes your eyes pop, your skin look more luminous and creates a beautifully dramatic frame for your face. Once you’ve gone over to the dark side, you’ll never want to come back. It's the best thing you'll ever do...


          • You've been blonde your while life and therefore have more melanin pigment in your hair. The darker color will look a bit different at first but you will adjust. A picture would've been really nice because your hair will affect how everything looks. Depending on your eye color, skin color, face shape, and body shape, and general hair style,it could be something that compliments you or doesn't. Do you do your makeup? Your eyebrows will stay blonde unless you color them in or something. If you're ok with that, cool. I'm just letting you know. I would definitely go to a hair salon to get it done though. They will run a patch test to check for allergies and they will make sure its done the rightest way it can be done. Do you have a cosmetology school around you? Usually its cheap to get your hair done there because there are students working on you. But there are always adults right behind them and the students know a lot more than the inexperienced in this field ... Its a choice that is yours(you are never too old to do it). But if you do, please don't get some hair dye at a store and do it. Those unprofessional dyes have so many harmful chemicals and when used wrong can become even more harmful.


            • I would do it ....! It's never late to change your look and if you paint your hair the other day I found a post where they indicated the benefits of consuming red cranberries to maintain the shine of the hair.


              • I am blonde as well. I loved to dye my hair black, I love the light skin and dark hair contrast. However there is something very bad that comes with it... once it starts growing, you will have a very noticeable light hair under dark hair which makes almost the feeling that you are getting bald (the blond might seem scalp at first glance). That's the phase one! The phase two is when your blonde hair is 5cm or more grown and it will feel like someone put a bowl on your head and painted your hair dark around it... since you will have blond hair only on top of your hair and it will look weird. After it reaches your shoulders you will be better.
                There are ways to keep it from happening... :
                1) using a supermarket temporary color which doesn't stay like forever and will not "mark" that much where does the blonde/dark hair ends/starts
                2) once it starts to show the blonde hair, dye it back (only roots) or make highlights with dark colors to go back to blonde slowly and doesnt give the feeling of a dark line around the hair
                3) paint it in lighter shades of brown to go back to blonde again when intended.


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