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Big hair

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  • Big hair

    So I cut my hair several weeks ago, and this week I took off another inch. It's much better, sassier and sexier I think.
    I wanted to give the top some teasing and volume, so my stylist recommended a texture powder, which I bought.

    Has anyone else tried this and what product do you prefer? I chose a brand called blow pro. (yeah, I know) lol
    I've used it only once, so still getting a feel for it. Any other experience or advice for getting used to this type of product? My stylist showed me and gave tips, so I'm fairly confident.

  • Lol at the Blow Pro.

    I'm so glad you're loving the new hair. I too felt much sassier, sexier, and even younger after cutting mine off. Who knew my long mane was weighing me down so much!?

    Before my perm, I was using some sort of root lifter. I think it helped some, but you had to be careful not to use too much (which would have the opposite reaction and weigh the hair down). Using it correctly, in conjunction with a blow dryer and round brush worked pretty well. After the perm? Well, not I'm even lazier with my hair than ever cause I pretty much just don't have to do ANYTHING to it.
    "Be what you're looking for."


    • Hi. I had my hair cut into a bob yesterday. I also had the hairdresser put it into a French plait. It looks gorgeous. I LOVE having shorter hair. It is so light and refreshing. Plus, it's quicker to wash and blow dry. I shall keep this style, I think. I'm not an expert on hair care products but I'm sure your texture powder will do the trick.


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