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Hair too dry and damaged

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  • Hair too dry and damaged

    Hey everyone. As the title says, my hair is very dried and damage and I have tried everything to make it silk soft again with no good results. Tried Schwarzkopf Repair Shampoo + Conditioner and Sprays from same brand to comb my hair easily but it always gets really dry (the texture is not nice and squeezing the dried hair by hand even gives a feeling of squeezing straws).
    For the past days, mostly when I its really hot, I just go to the bathroom and get my hair a little bit wet and boom... I feel more freshened and my hair looks better. I know that a wet hair breaks easily but I don't comb it or touch it too much after getting it a bit wet.
    Dried it almost seems like this >
    but will less volume of hair.

    Any suggestions or products recommendations?
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  • Do you have chemically processed hair?

    I have curly hair and even recently got it permed to make my curly headed life easier. Having a perm makes my hair a lot more manageable. However, it has also made it more dry. First, I wash it as infrequently as possible and use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Second, I use as little product as possible in styling. Most hair products contain alcohol and other drying agents which my hair definitely doesn't need. Third, I use a teeny tiny amount of Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil - Leave in Conditioner every day. I just put a tiny amount on my hands like I'm putting on lotion, and then rub it into my hair by "scrunching" it. It seems to really help.

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    • I have been around 4 years without dying my hair and no changes. Recently I've used a oily dye which made my hair better actually. I am quite careful in what chemicals I use and I also check if they have alcohol has ingredient.
      Right now I am using Oil Repair 3 (Garnier Fructis) and seems to help a little little bit because I use it in the morning and after lunch time my hair can be quite messy on my hair tips. I bought also "3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor" (Aussie) which is way more expensive but I bought a tiny sample and will try it out...


      • I am a student of cosmetology and also have dry hair and skin. It could either be in your genetics, like it is in mine, or something is causing it to be so dry. It is summer here in the united states, where I assume you are, so it could be because of so much sun exposure. So maybe if that is the case, get a sun hat or a thermal protectant product (there are plenty cheap). Extreme dryness happens when the follicule of your hair is more oil attracting than water. As you go about your day, you shouldn't put water in your hair. This will dry it out more. You should put an oil of some sort only through your ends. If you don't have the money, a little conditioner will do. If you wash your hair everyday, you should make it every other day or so. I wash my hair every three days because otherwise it dries out. When you do wash your hair, only wash your scalp or the first few inches from your forehead. That's where your hair is the dirtiest. Your ends will rarely be dirty. Always use condioner after shampoo, and of course apply from midshaft to ends. Find a shampoo that uses natural ingredients and no sulfate. Do you style your hair with heat? Straightening or curling will harm your hair more so try to use it sparingly and always spray a thermal protectant in your hair before hand. Money is always spent when taking care of your hair but it really is worth buying more proffessional brands. Aussie is ok and treseme is ok too but I recommend at least going to Sally's or buying the more professional products like CHI, Biolage, Matrix, Redken, etc. Oils like coconut oil, argon oil, vitamin E oil, and olive oil will help your ends a lot. I hope this helped you a little bit. Remember: only wash your scalp and always oil your ends. If you over oil, they may get more elastic and therefore they may be able to be pulled out of the follicule easier. But a little goes a long way and it will help!


        • Originally posted by spacemanspiff528 View Post
          It is summer here in the united states, where I assume you are
          No, not from US
          I studied and worked as hairdresser in the past but, where I currently live I can't really find professional products. Where I was living before, I would go to a professional store or supplier and would buy anything with my hairdresser licence. In here the most "professional" thing I find are stores focused on hair products that don't have really professional stuff.
          And even professional products, I remember that when I was working at a beauty center we had very expensive products/treatments that really didn't that much of a difference. I felt that we were selling only because the clients were convinced that the product was making incredible results while no results were shown at all. Felt like playing the make believe.
          And then I learned that a lot of products are expensive not because they are good. In fact we just pay the brand. Some of them are as good as a half the price product (or cheaper).

          Aussie results : so, I used the Aussie 3 min repair product with a Shampoo from Garnier (Oil Repair) and it DID make a difference. Usually by the end of the day I wasn't even able to pass my hand by my hair without getting it stuck on heir knots... Today it felt much softer and it didn't happened so easily so I guess I will now check which product made the huge difference. If it was the Garnier, I might just get the full Oil Repair 3 products such as shampoo, conditioner and mask (maybe also oil). If it was the Aussie.. well... that's a lot more expensive but I can try to buy at least their mask.


          • I agree with spacemanspiff528's post. It makes sense. I'd follow the advice. You could also talk to your hairdresser about which products to use and how often. Seeking professional advice makes sense. Good luck!


            • My hair is too dry and hard, and I have to use cosmetics regularly. So sad!


              • A nice, thick conditioner for your hair will work wonders. Leave in conditioners are a great option. Using a moisturizing shampoo will also add softness to your hair. It's all about using the right hair care products.


                • Replace usual hairbrush with wooden comb. It really works. It does not damage hair much and you also can use it while your hair is a little bit wet.
                  And of course, give your hair a rest. Do not use hairstyling devices for some time.
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                  • A wooden comb makes sense. Light hair oil [so the hair is moisturized: not greasy] would work. Any shampoo for dry & damaged hair should also work. Gentle brushing, too. If all else fails, ask your local hairdresser how they get dry, damaged hair so smooth & shiny.


                    • Coconut oil. Apply it on your scalp and hair and then wait for about 15 minutes before rinsing.


                      • Hair oil is definitely going to soften dry and damaged hair. You could buy a specialist hair oil, which is what I'd do. Have a look on Google and get buying!


                        • For this i used regularly oil before bath and that really helpful.


                          • Hi! I think switching to a wooden brush would help. I only use a wooden brush on my hair and it has so many benefits! It spreads the natural oil over your hair, gently massages your scalp which stimulates blood flow to the scalp and boosts hair growth, and it also produces less static. You can read more here - Hope this helps, have a great day!
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                            • A wooden hair brush would be a great investment. My dad uses one and it reduces hair loss and also is more gentle on the hair. I hadn't thought of advising someone use a wooden hair brush, but I see the logic behind it. Definitely a good idea.


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