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  • Fed Up Of eye glasses

    Hey, I have developed double chin due to fat. I googled to find a solution for double chin. And I read about the treatment Kybella. I texted my friend Melissa to get a solution to this problem. She suggested me to undergo the DELETED LINK She shared her experience after undergoing the Kybella treatment. She told me that a month after the first treatment, she noticed a lot of change. The second treatment was a breeze. A month after the third treatment, her double chin was totally gone. She was surprised to see the changes. But I have heard that some will recover slowly. Is that true? What are your experiences? Kindly share it. Thank you.
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    Hey. I see that no one is interested in this topic. I want to write a little about myself. When I hit my 30 years old, I began to feel a bit worried about my so-called double chin. Although this is not particularly noticeable, this small pocket of submental fat has been part of my profile for as long as I can remember; he is genetic. I often wanted this to go away, but I never considered a surgical correction. It seemed like an extreme measure for something that just annoys my life. I never saw that I had any cosmetic procedure at all. Then I saw an advertisement for a new injection, non-invasive treatment with two chins. The process itself was very unpleasant. I leaned back, exposing the vulnerable area under my chin, snuggling up a pinch of needles. I grabbed the packet of ice, ready to apply it and looked around when my heart was racing. I was about to drink bubbles of synthetic stomach acid in my double chin, erasing it, I hoped, forever.

    I was able to taste the courtesy of Kybella at the cosmetic spa. Anxious that he was administered many times under the chin (the average patient receives 20 or more injections for treatment), I arrived at the "beauty lab". This is what you would assume that you visited this procedure, with futuristic lights, high-end displays and bright golden accents. It is less like a medical environment and more like an upscale boutique with a velvet couch. Other services offered by spas include wrinkle softening, fillers, sculpture and eyelash extensions, and I imagine for a moment what it would be like to have the time and money to get all these procedures. I can never keep up; I do not even cut my hair more than once or twice a year.

    The owner says that they see about 30 customers a month for Kybella, and that all their clients have a positive result. I did not see much result in myself. It only hurt. But I will end my sessions. I want to be beautiful and young.


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      I can understand wanting to be beautiful and young: I turn 38 years old this year. However, I have few wrinkles, oddly enough. But, then again, I don't smoke and have never gone sun worshipping. I also use gentle products on my skin. I also don't abuse my body with chemicals and whatnot. Anyhow, an older woman can also be as beautiful as a younger woman: beauty is not an age. In fact, some women become more beautiful as they get older! Just read about Helen Mirren and other women in the spotlight. Age is only a number: you're as young as you choose to be.