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Facing lot of pimples nowadays, is there any solution for removing your pimples?

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  • Facing lot of pimples nowadays, is there any solution for removing your pimples?

    Facing lot of pimples nowadays, is there any solution for removing your pimples?

  • What's your diet like? Try eliminating dairy and see how it looks after several weeks. There's a lot of research suggesting dairy is a factor in acne, especially adult acne.


    • Sleep, Stress (mental or physical), Food Sensitivities, Hormones could be causing your pimples.
      It is important to get to the route cause but these can also help:
      Topical Caffiene, Niacinamide and aspirin (natural sun block and skin protector/healer product called Solban cheap, quality and effective)
      Flowers of sulfur / sulfur soap
      Thyroid (improving thyroid may be the most important thing you can do for your health and skin)
      Red Light
      Zinc and trace minerals (epsom salt baths reduce stress and increase you magnesium)

      Dairy may be "causing" your acne. But, I don't think it is in the way most people expect.
      Added vitamins + how the dairy is made/ what the cows eat etc can make drinking milk intolerable for some people. However, this is not the main reason milk could increase pimples. The first and main reason is that milk increases your metabolism. When you metabolism increases so does you need for other vitamins (vitamin a and others). Also many milk products have added vitamin D which also increases your need for vitamin A. I would probably try to get organic milk (maybe even goats milk). However, if you do decide to take out dairy make sure you get enough calcium and vitamin A in your diet other ways.


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