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beauty subscription packages?

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  • beauty subscription packages?

    Anyone buy the monthly sample beauty products? There's Birchbox, ipsy, etc?

  • I did the Birchbox for men box for a couple of months....it was ok, but a lot of the products had strong odors (I don't like any scents) and were things that I would never use. However, there were some other items that I did enjoy like different kinds of conditioners, shampoo, and lotions -- aside from the ones that had strong scents.

    Another thing is the sizes -- they are SMALL -- and meant only as samples, and then they have an "interesting" business model in that you can get discounts off of these products from their website, and get a "discount" on the larger sizes...so I almost felt as if I was paying for the privilege to spend more money, akin to Amazon's Prime Membership, which is one of the most brilliant business models ever created -- you pay a yearly fee, to spend more money!

    Overall, I would say if you want to sample products because you are too busy to try it on your own, or shop around and spend a lot of money on regular sized products you will use once and then never again, I could see using Birchbox for a few months or up to a year to really round out a portfolio of lotions, creams and other beauty items.


    • I've never bought a beauty subscription beauty package. Still, it is a good way to test out products. I am interested in the "Wish" boxes. I've seen the adverts [which I love!] and am definitely considering buying a box.

      Has anyone else seen those "Wish" adverts on YouTube?


      • I have heard the men's stuff is actually better than the women's! Probably fewer to choose from and must be of better quality to keep men's interest.

        Popcorn, I haven't but if it's the same as the wish shopping app, I'd not be terribly optimistic.


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