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Gym or Jogging

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  • Gym or Jogging

    Will exercise or jogging burn more calories? Suppose the time is equal

  • It depends on the exercise you are doing in the gym. If you did a steady paced job for half an hour vs did lower body weight workout you'd likely burn about the same. If you did steady jog for half an hour vs half an hour of HIIT in the gym, you'd likely burn more doing the HIIT. It all just depends on what you're doing.
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    • I’m assuming that by “exercise” you’re talking about resistance training and you’re contrasting that with cardio, correct?

      If so, I think that both are equally useful and equally useless for burning calories. I don’t know the exact science, but I think that cardio will give you better immediate caloric output and resistance will do more over time. The problem with both is that it’s typically going to be much smaller than your basal metabolic rate. And you’ll have a tendency to eat more to compensate when you exercise or if you manage to increase your metabolic burn. That’s why physically strong people and even athletes can be overweight.

      Where I think exercise is very useful is just in improving your physical and mental strength. The sense of well being, control, and general fitness contributes to the ability to take control of what you put into your belly (and what you don’t put into it). And that’s how fat is really burned - on the plate, not doing cardio or weight training. I really like both, but I favor resistance training.

      I can get a half decent resistance workout done in a few minutes. I like the way that cardio allows me to meditate and increase my stamina, but it takes a bit longer. Some days I’ll do both or one or the other, but if my time is limited I’m doing a few minutes of resistance and hopping in the shower.
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      • I second Stillness's post.


        • Yeah, there are several factors missing in your question. Intensity of your jogging, what exercises you're doing, etc.
          What are your goals?


          • This sounds odd, but exercise should be fun: not duty. Of course, it is important to exercise, but the person should also - on some level - want to exercise. Now I enjoy yoga, walking, running. Many years ago, I also loved cycling. I have always been active, but less so in recent years. I don't think being 38 years old is an excuse to exercise less, but when you're older, you tend to find you do less. BUT this is not true for everyone, which I do realize. But I LOVE walking. I won't pass up a ride in the car, but I have always enjoyed walking. I especially love walking at night. It is dangerous, however, so I haven't done so for a while. But I love walking underneath the stars, as corny as that sounds.

            Anyhow, being fit and healthy is very important.


            • I would prefer doing the GYM, because it covers the entire body muscles and make you fit. But doing the jogging is only for the person who want to lose their body fat and belly fat. The GYM not only helps in weight loss, but it also helps in weight gain and make you physically strong.


              • You're right, Anya Joe: the gym does make you physically stronger. There has to be a certain degree of enjoyment [odd as that sounds] to be motivated to go to the gym. There are a lot people who do feel motivated to exercise and get fit. I am not one of them myself, but being physically stronger and being more healthy is a great thing. I would advise anyone do regular exercise at their local gym.

                It should not be just about losing weight: but gaining muscle strength and flexibility. Having more stamina is also the goal.


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