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Too Much Make Up?

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  • They feel self-conscious about not wearing because most of them have been for a long time. Yes I know if they never had worn any it'd make them feel better but a lot of girl go through a stage of when they're finally allowed to wear make up and so they do. Some of them find out the hate it, some of them don't care either way and some of them form an attachment to it. After that I'm pretty sure women don't change their views that much


    • I have found that many women actually look better with little or no makeup than with. I don't think it is usually even a case of them lacking skill in applying makeup but rather in the makeup detracting from their natural beauty.

      Then again, it seems that based on my previous posts that I also don't give a rat's behind if a girl has a big butt, small boobs, and a bush, so maybe I'm just a freak.


      • LOL perhaps you just prefer the real thing.


        • I've never been that big on makeup. I work in an office full of women, and its such a wide variety...some wear heavy, medium, light...then there's a few like me who don't wear any. I only wear it if I'm going out or something. And I use it sparingly. I do my eyes, eyeliner, shadow, and mascara...and thats about it. Then some lipstick. I don't do foundation...blush...none of that. Its never worked for me.

          My thing is, I had a crooked eye for most of my life (strabismus), and was so self conscious of it...I wore my hair in my face all through my teenage years to hide it. (people are extremely cruel) In my early 30s, I finally had it corrected...and since then, I REALLY enjoyed putting eye makeup on. I always thought I had pretty eyes, but wanted so badly for them to be straight. so now that they are...I enjoy dressing them up once in a while!! (of course, I'm always SUPER paranoid that it will turn back in again) I bug my husband sometimes... "are my eyes straight??"
          Outside of that...I just don't have the time or patience to spend that much time thats just me.
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          • Tex... Thank heavens for men like you!!! You sound like my DH. He just does not get the makeup thing. I don't wear much, mostly mascara because I really like my eyes and I think it makes the look a bit brighter. And I have a bod that is so far from perfect.. well we will not go there. He loves me for the person I am ... Strong, independent, sensible, funny at times I hope and caring.
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            • Women wear make up to trick men into finding them more attractive. They can cover moles, make their eyes look bigger and so on. Imagine if it was socially acceptable for men to use make up to help them get laid - every man would wear make u LOL!

              Its human nature to want to be found attractive.


              • Women don't wear make-up to "get laid"...

                Youth speaks in, "well youth"...

                Women wear make-up because they want to for themselves, it's creating, matching with the clothes and putting something together as a whole because we take pride in ourselves.

                We're just as happy to run around naked, that being without clothes and without makeup and still feel just as beautiful.

                You think men don't buy that certain top/shirt - jeans, put gell in their hair, even get streaks, highlights, all for the same logical reason....

                But, they also will wear their board shorts, no top, hair everywhere and not care.

                That's what you call human nature.

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                • spammers haven...

                  Thread closed.

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