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ingrown hairs and razor irritation?

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  • ingrown hairs and razor irritation?

    What's the best way to avoid ingrowns and razor irritation after shaving...down there. Even if I try to shave just my bikini area I still get either insanely itchy razor bumps or icky ingrown hairs...Is there any cream that works well to prevent this or any method anyone finds works well? I prefer to keep things smooth but with the irritation that I get it's not really practical since with my job I'm constantly running around which seems to make it worse. Help?

  • itch

    I read some where on here that after she shaves down there she puts on baby powder and this cured my itching too.



    • Thanks for the advice, I'll try that first, hopefully it works.
      Anyone else know of any backup plans in case that one doesn't work?


      • Okay so the baby powder for sure does help...but I still have some irritation. I made sure to use a new blade because fighting with a dull blade is anything but helpful lol. Is there anything that helps to get rid of the irritation? Or am I just going to have to tough it out until my skin gets used to it. Does anyone maybe know of a cream that helps get rid of those irritating little red bumps if they do show up? (Which they have, and it says on the baby powder to not use on broken or irritated skin...help?)


        • I use something called bikini bump saver gel..I get it at the drugstore, if I put it on right after I shave it keeps the bumps to a minimum!


          • Thank you


            • razors

              Do you use the disposeable razors? if so make sure you use ones with one blade for women this helped me swapping from two,three to one blade (mens)



              • I have a five blade razor. It's one of those Venus Embrace razors which works great on my legs and underarms. My bikini area gives me the most problems though. It shaves nicely there but then I always end up with ingrowns or razor bumps. It's getting better as my skin gets used to it, but now I have to deal with scars anyone have any advice on a good product that lessens the look of scars?


                • Originally posted by KaytKayt View Post
                  I have a five blade razor. It's one of those Venus Embrace razors which works great on my legs and underarms. My bikini area gives me the most problems though. It shaves nicely there but then I always end up with ingrowns or razor bumps. It's getting better as my skin gets used to it, but now I have to deal with scars anyone have any advice on a good product that lessens the look of scars?
                  There are several great options for you! Follow these tips to get the smoothest, best shave possible!!

                  1. Before you shave, soak in warm bath water for at least five minutes. This softens hair and opens your pores. It is very important.

                  2. Next exfoliate the skin. I like to use a gentle scrub with oil and fine grain sugar. Bath & Body Works has some great ones, but avoid anything with lemon, mint or citrus, which could irritate. I like a basic vanilla. The brand "Pure" has a great one. It is all-natural and doesn't irritate. Scrubs with oil work best before shaving, because they not only smooth your skin, but they also leave behind an oil residue that will help prevent razor irritation when you shave, and also will leave your skin incredibly soft! I know it seems strange to use a scrub in the bikini area, but be gentle with it, and it will actually help a lot. You can even use a facial scrub if that is more gentle, but the key is to use one with ****sugar grains, because it dissolves with the water and has a smooth surface to the grains. Do not use a scrub with anything like almond grains, apricot grains, ground up seeds, etc. because those have microscopic sharp edges and can make tiny scrapes on your skin. They can also stick to your skin and be a nuisance in the razor, because they don't dissolve like sugar in warm water.

                  3. Use a shaving gel or cream. Some people like to use a clear gel on the bikini area, because you can see your body's curves and skin folds, etc. through it while shaving. With a foam, you can't see the skin that is underneath, and are more likely to cut or scrape a sensitive place. Look in the shaving section of your drug store or Target, and find a clear gel for shaving bikini area. They usually come in a tube, not in a spray/foam can.
                  Use a lot of the gel. Don't worry about using too much to save money. Our skin's health is more important that saving a few dollars. Be generous with yourself.

                  4. To be really good to yourself, do this:

                  Take the tube of bikini shave gel and submerge it in a glass of hot water while you are soaking & prepping in the tub. (You can even drop it in the tub if the tube is clean!) Wow! When you are ready for it, it comes out of the tube so warm and soothing, it is a real luxury for your skin (but costs nothing to do!) Warming the shave gel or cream again softens the hair and makes the skin more receptive to shaving. You can even buy a shaving cream warming dispenser, but they are made for men only (why is that? we want a smooth shave, too!) so you can only find these in the men's shaving area in stores. This step is awesome. Remember, heat, heat, heat! Heat is essential for a good shave. And never shave cold over goose bumps, ouch!

                  Let the shave gel or cream sit on your skin for 5 minutes. It needs this time to do its job softening hair even more and prepping your skin before the razor hits it.

                  5. Now -- the razor! Very important. ****If there is nothing more that you take from this post -- please take this info. Never use the same razor you have used under your arms or on your legs to shave the pubic area. This is so important. Most adults have small bumps or even possibly a little wart under the arm or on the leg or toes (if you shave toes, too). If you shave over one of these warts, the virus that causes the wart can get onto your razor and then spread to other parts of your body that you shave. ****That is why so many men have warts on their faces, either flat warts or bumpy ones, because they spread them by shaving. (Check out a Kerry Grant movie -- even he had these on his face!) These are easily removed by a dermatologist from the face or body without scarring & with almost no pain at all -- and SHOULD be removed because they are a viral infection -- but no one wants to deal with having this on the pubic area.

                  6. I love the Venus razors, but chose what you prefer. The important thing is to always start with a fresh blade that has never been used before. This may seem indulgent, but it insures several important things. First, you know the blade is as sharp as it can be. Second, you know there is no bacteria or anything else on the razor that might contaminate it and cause irritation or infection on your body's most sensitive area. Sharp, clean blades are the most important key to a good shave. I always start with a fresh blade. This means replacing blades every time, but to me, that is better than having a skin irritation, redness, bumps, etc. Again, here, be good to yourself. You are worth it! Your body is worth it. Disposable razors are good, too, and can save money. I have found that the brand of razor itself isn't as important as the fact that the blade is fresh and sharp, and has never been used before.

                  ******Another special trick! Run the razor blade under very warm water before you start. Warming the blade this way makes a big difference. You never want to shave with a cold blade. Also, rinse in clear, warm water after every stroke of the razor.

                  7. Shave in the direction of skin growth (not against the grain) if necessary. This doesn't give as close a shave, and I find it difficult to shave this way myself, but it can prevent irritation. Make sure you use a light touch. Press as little as possible when you shave, and try to avoid friction on your skin from the razor or the plastic around the razor. Use your other hand to hold skin taunt, and stretch out if you have to. Also, pubic hair grows in different directions in different places, so make sure you notice the growth of the hair and adjust your strokes. (If any hair is long, trim very short with scissors before you get in the tub or shower.)

                  8. Blot with a very soft towel when finished. I use baby towels or washcloths, from the baby section of Target for this because they are softer. Use 100% cotton. Important because it is more absorbent and softer. Do not use fabric softener on these, and use a double rinse cycle to make sure all detergent is washed out. Do the same for your panties, etc. -- anything that comes into contact with the delicate skin on that area. Fabric softener or detergent that isn't rinsed all the way out can cause irritation on sensitive, shaved skin. Remember that the hair is there to protect out skin, and when we remove the hair, our skin is automatically more sensitive and more vulnerable to irritants, no matter what we do. Friction, etc. can be very irritating.

                  9. Chose carefully what you apply to bikini/pubic area after shaving skin. I like to use Burt's Bees apricot baby oil, because it is soothing to me. I massage a little on while my skin is still wet, and then blot off the excess when I dry. You might like a lotion -- Pure's vanilla (Bath & Body Works) is good and non-irritating. Try to use a lotion or cream that is paraben free (no harsh fragrance or additives, too).

                  10. Try "Bliss Ingrown Hair Eliminating Peeling Pads" regularly, even on days you don't shave. These have alpha hydroxy & salicylic acids that exfoliate and prevent ingrown hair bumps that show up after shaving. Make exfoliating with the sugar/oil scrub a regular practice, too. This is one of the very best things you can do for your skin. You can even make the scrub yourself by buying cosmetic-grade sesame oil (in the skin care or aromatherapy section, not the food-grade oil, which is different) at the health food store and blending it with your own fine grain sugar to save money. Also the Burt's Bees apricot baby oil (Target baby section) can be used to mix a sugar scrub. If you mix your own scrub, make a small amount fresh each time, in a clean bowl or cup, rather than making a lot at once and storing in a jar, etc. It is just fresher this way and avoids waste.

                  Some extra tidbits:

                  ~~ Go commando around the house when you can! Skin loves air and freedom from elastic, fabric, etc!

                  ~~ Some people are just not able to shave their private parts with a razor, because they have extra-delicate skin! The best alternative for sensitive skin is professional "Sugaring" -- better than waxing, because the warm, melted sugar sticks only to hair and doesn't hurt or pull skin like wax can. Google your city & "Sugaring" to find a spa near you with this service.

                  ~~ Sally Hansen Cold Wax strips can be used, but ALWAYS powder the area first before using the wax strips. Never, never, never use a powder that contains Talc "down there". Talc has been linked to ovarian cancer in MANY studies and is a "no-no" for women. Johnson & Johnson's Cornstarch baby powder is AMAZING & Talc-free. I like the calming lavender/chamomile fragrance, but you can also buy regular. You won't believe the difference it makes when you coat your skin with baby powder before waxing. The pain goes down 90% for me, and irritation is much, much less.

                  ~~ If you still like shaving, electric shavers can be much less irritating. I actually use a men's shaver. It is a rechargeable, 3-head shaver, and it gives me less irritation that the women's bikini groomer/shavers I have tried. I clean it with alcohol on a cotton swab or cloth before and after each use. Very important! Also, I only use it for my bikini area, not other parts of my body, and make sure it is charged up really well before use.

                  ~~ At a beauty supply store, you can also find skin-numbing creams that some people use before or after hair removal. These are made especially for women's needs. It sounds strange, but Orajel actually works for some people, and has fewer chemicals than some numbing sprays do! Make sure to do an allergy skin test first, though, a day or two before to make sure any new products (especially the numbing products) are not irritating to you.

                  If all else fails, go to your dermatologist. She can prescribe a cream that will take care of the irritation, and may also have other ideas for you!

                  Well, this is everything I've got!
                  I hope it helps you have a clean, smooth, sensuous shave!
                  Go slowly... and indulge yourself!

                  Blessings to You!
                  Bliss Baby
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                  • Do you have any suggestions on the removal of facial hair?


                    • Blissbaby- you are 100% on target. Very good info. I have done many of the things you have listed and never had any problems.


                      • The BEST TIP i found in all of this is something i have never thought of.

                        Letting your skin get wet and open up the pores has personally helped me HEAPS!!! Alot less red bumps and ingrown hairs. Even just letting the water run over the area in the shower makes it so much better!!

                        Thanks heaps!!


                        • When applying the shaving gel,do you get out of the tub so that the water wont wash it off? And while shaving would be easier to shave still in the water or out?


                          • I'm also having a problem similar to this. I tried to just stop shaving my pubic area but the same thing came back when I shaved again, now seemingly worse. I bought a new razor, I use shaving cream and even tried exfoliating. I just get a bunch of red bumps and then I even get painful ingrown hairs. It's awful! I really need some help!


                            • I finding shaving that area with a electric razor or one the specialty razors like **bliss** helps to keep bumps at bay. If you still get um try using a body scrub everyother day, shaving with conditioner, and using milk on the area after is supposed to help but idk if thats true. Good lucks
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