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Arm Hair

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  • Arm Hair

    Okie so I have, not overly hairy arms, but hairy arms to the point where i feel uncomfortable wearing short sleves shirts. I want to get rid of it and considered shaving, but hesitant. Is there another way for me to get rid of this unsightly arm hair or is my only option shaving it.

  • I'd avoid shaving - the stubble as it grows back may be uncomfortable and even more noticeable than the actual hair.

    Most women (and one male model) I have known who wanted to remove arm hair went with waxing. Waxing lasts longer and the hair grows back in softer, not stubbly. You could also try a depilatory cream (Veet / Nair / Imac / etc.). With either the cream or the wax you want to test the product on a small patch of your arm to make sure you are not going to react badly to it.
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    • Waxing is really the way to go, it does grow back finer and thinner and less noticeable. I didn't have overly hairy arms either, but I had a few patches where the hair was really thick and dark and I waxed my arms about 6 times and now I don't have to wax them anymore because the hair is a lot less noticeable, just like other girls. It doesn't even hurt that much, I suggest going to a salon. I get full brazilian and legs (everything from the waist down) so I find the arms just kind of tickle compared to that! Best of luck!!!


      • I don't have a lot of arm hair, but what little I do have I use a hot wax to remove it with. There are many waxing products on the market, so you may have to do a little experimenting to see which one works best for you no matter what part of the body you intend to wax. Two of the most common waxing products are hot waxes - which use strips to remove the wax, and hard wax which is a stripless wax. Strip waxes are best for use on legs, arms, and underarms. I find hard wax to work best for Brazilian waxing. There are also cold waxes which come prepackaged with the wax already on each individual strip but I have found those to be the least effective of any waxing product.
        If you are uncomfortable with doing it yourself, then maybe go to a professional to have it done for you? DIY waxing is often intimidating for women who have never used wax before. But, in the long run, the money you save by DIY waxing vs. having it done professionally can really add up quickly. If you choose to have it done professionally, I would recommend finding a reputable day spa or salon with licensed, experienced estheticians. Their services are generally more costly than you might be able to find elsewhere, but you generally get what you pay for and waxing services are no exception.
        Best wishes!


        • I posted this b4-hey ladies -we ARE mammals-what is the big deal about having hairy arms-I HAVE them-so what-it's there cz it's suppose to be -never seen SO MUCH on the internet about this since I 1st bcame aware of it -WOW


          • Old thread.



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