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In-Home Laser Hair Removal Systems

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  • In-Home Laser Hair Removal Systems

    I was just wondering if anybody has used any in-home laser hair removal systems and do they work. Are they safe?

  • There have been minimal threads started on this topic, Theresa and usually resulting in spam advertising responses.

    However, this link found through "search" on this Forum gave a fairly reasonable answer I believe to your question.




    • I wish I had one

      Too bad they are so expensive...
      I heard they are pretty good and I so wanna get myself one for Christmas. I am sick of wax and razors...


      • Join the club. Wait till you my age, doing it over and over and over, all those years



        • To be honest with you I do not recommend using anything like that at home, I have read so many stories about them and there are many products outside that would let you believe that it does really work, what I suggest is go to a professional clinic and see how much does it cost and btw laser systems wont remove the hair fully, it will reduce it as far as I know, for permanent results you have to go for the electrolysis method which deals with each individual hair, and be aware of that too because it has to be implemented by a professional or it might leave scars on your skin.

          Hope that helps.


          • Same! I am SO sick of shaving, and hate the way my legs look after shaving (besides the smoothness that I love!) the red bumps, and razor cuts, ugh!

            I'm getting the viss ipl system for my bday. Seriously can't wait to give it a try!


            • Like many of you I too, am thinking about buying one, they cost Australian $699 so I am hoping to finally make my decision and get one for myself... I am wondering if any of you have already tried it yet and how did it work? I have had professionally laser removed my hair on my legs, arms, armpits and face all this did cost me Australian $1000, I had it done 2 times and decide that its costing me too much money not to mansion that I would have to go another 8 times to finally stop hair from growing all together.


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