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I Have Butt Hair And Its Very Embarrassing!!!!!!

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  • I Have Butt Hair And Its Very Embarrassing!!!!!!

    WHI Editor's Note: For the latest discussion on butt hair, why we have it, and how to remove it, join us here!

    Hello Everyone....i Am New To This Site...i Have Been Reading For Some Time And Can Relate To A Lot Of Things....

    My First Problem..

    I First Spotten Hair On My Butt When I Was About 13 And Like A Little Immature Girl I Started Shaving It...i Am Regretting It Now. When I Do Shave It Now (now Im 19) Its Good And Soft For That One Day And The Rest Of The Time Its Very Uncomfortable And Itchy....i Dont Know What To Do Anymore...i Have Used A Cream Hair Removal But Its The Same Thing.....does Anyone Have The Same Problem ??? I Would Appreciate All The Advice I Could Get.

    Another Situation I Was Wondering About.....

    I Have Always Been Wondering About Brazilian Waxing....i Hear And Read That It Hurts The First Couple Of Times....i Live In New York And Dont Really Know What Salons To Trust...does Anyone Here Live In New York And Know Of A Good Place I Can Go For A Brazilian Wax????

    Thank You For Everything And Sorry For The Long Post

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  • Dealing with hair in that area is much like hair around the vagina. You will get best results from waxing because it completely removes the hair all the way down to the root. So, you have longer hair-free time because hair has to grow an entirely new folicle. Yes, it is slightly painful, but definately better results.

    Otherwise you have to shave regularly to avoid stubble. Or, if you can afford it, get permanent laser hair removal.


    • thanx a lot for your info.....i bought microwavable wax and had my younger sister wax it for me..lol...it was so painful....i screamed like a little girl when only like four hairs came out.....it took like an hour because we kept stopping the whole time......

      i was thinking about getting it lasered but i would be embarrassed being around a person looking at my hairy butt....i have like never heard about women have butt hair so its pretty embarrassing......

      would you know a salon in new york that has professional workers not just anybody doing the brazilian wax??? i was thinking about doing that ..its just that i dont want to go to just anybody....

      well thanx for the input...


      • You're not the only one. I have butt hair too and its become worse since I started shaving it a few years ago because I think I have ingrown hairs. Its so disgusting and I'm too embarrassed to be with a guy in the light incase he sees my hairy pimply butt!!! Does anyone have any idea about how to remove these disgusting ingrown hairs from my butt? I can't tweeze them out because well I can't really see whats going on down there! thanks!


        • I would assume that exfoliating with a scrub or an exfoliating mitt + body wash would help with the ingrown hairs, and moisturize. Some people that I know of use galaxal base as a moisturizer that you can find in drug stores, and some use vaseline. I'm sure all body lotions work well too. That's what I usually do to get rid of the ingrown hairs on my arms. It will remove the bumps and make it feel smooth, but I think the redness around the follicle will stay. I don't know how to get rid of it.


          • It really depends on the area that its in, Is it the cheek? The rectom (hole)?


            • Hi. Waxing is probably uour best bet with regards to all "butt hair". I wax almost everything below the waist and i really like the results. Try not to be embarassed about the person doing the waxing seeing you, i'm sure they've seen it all, and worse (at least that's what my esthetician tells me!).
              Also, you can try a product with salycilic acid made especially for ingrown hairs, I use Tend Skin, but i know there are others on the market. I haven't had an ingrown hair in years.
              Good Luck!


              • Omg i understand

                i seriously thought i was the only woman on earth who shaves her butt! i envy woman who have the luck of not being hairy!! i noticed it around the age of 13, so i decided to shave it..since then i have been shaving. it is soo embarrassing being with my boyfriend, i dont think he has seen my butt in bright, bright light. its prickly and pimply! ew. i always consider trying permenant lazer hair removal, but it's just so embarrassing...i dont want to live another year of my life having to deal with shaving my butt! help!!!


                • laser!!!!!!!!!! I have done it in several areas and it rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                  • omg i have the same problem...and its really bad i shaved it once and that was only becuz i was going to the gyno and i freaked but its realli embarassing..i want to try laser but im too embarassed too and i dont even know if it will work.?


                    • My girlfriend suffers from the same problem,need the frigging Flymo to keep the stuff in check.


                      • As funny as ur comment was.... unfortunately, this could be the reason us ladies get all paranoid
                        :pSaucy Sexpert:p


                        • I hear ya girl

                          Id honestly look into laser. Don't be embarrased I am sure they have seen it all.

                          Where exactly are you talking about anyway. Your bum cheeks or your butt hole area ? sorry for being so forward.


                          • Does laser work? A relative of mine had laser, she had more than one session but I forget how many, and it didn't work. Is it painfull?


                            • i feel with you! but not only do i have hair there, i have hair EEEVERYWHERE! (i'm 22)and the best thing's waxing until now.it hurts at first but you get used to it with time. seriously which one sounds better:1/2 an hour to 2 hours of pain and 3 weeks or more of hair-free days and maybe months? OR 15 minutes of shaving and ONLY a couple of hair-free days, then weeks of agonizing discomfort and pain?
                              i'm sorry i had really bad experiences with laser so i'm against it. but it's not like that everywhere
                              take care!good luck!


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