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numbing cream?

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  • numbing cream?

    Is there a cream or something topical I can put on my bikini area before I get it waxed so that it doesn't hurt? I have only gotten waxed once, and I almost cried from the pain. I could only handle half of it getting waxed, so now i have a landing strip, but it might as well be the whole airport, its so big, so that area is still in "virgin mode" and about half of the other part has already grown back in, so I am going to have to go back, but I really, REALLY don't want to have to feel it so much.

  • I used to get a tiny landing strip waxed every 3 -4 weeks and it killed. My friend was my therapist so she went easy on me but the pain was sometimes so bad I thought I was going to be sick!

    I always take 2 strong paracetamols before I go but I've tried Gigi Numbing Spray (I got it off ebay) and I dont think it made a massive difference, but it took the edge off. I wont get waxed without it now!
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    • Numbing products:

      TrioCaine (apply 10-15 minutes before waxing service)

      GiGi Anesthetic Numbing Spray (apply 3-4 minutes before waxing service)

      Relax & Wax No Scream Cream (apply 35-45 minutes before waxing service)

      RES-Q Analgesic Numbing Spray

      Clean + Easy Numbing Antiseptic Lotion

      Dr. Numb Topical Anesthetic Cream (also used for tattoos)

      While no bikini wax can be pain free, there are a few things you can do to make the task at hand a little less painful. Ahh, what we do for the sake of beauty.

      •Numb the area if you want to lessen the pain. Look for an antiseptic numbing spray or cream and apply it to the skin before your bikini wax for less pain.
      •Take a pain reliever to ease the pain. About 30 minutes before you’re ready to wax the area, try taking a painkiller such as aspirin to ease the pain.
      •If you’re having a professional wax you, ask about a low temperature wax. A low temperature wax can cause less pain, leaving you less bitter after the hair is removed.
      •Finally, keep in mind if that was your first time in having your bikini waxed, you can almost guarantee that there will be a lot of pain. The more frequently you wax, the less pain there is, since the hair can be pulled out a lot easier and is less coarse.

      I hope this helps. Good luck if you plan on trying it again.


      • thank you for the help


        • anonymous820

          i have been checking out dr numb.. and been wanting to ask someone.. does dr. numb work?


          • I personally haven't used it but I know a tattoo artist that has and he said it works pretty good.


            • Nad's desensitizing wipes

              Do you all remember Nad's, the natural hair removal gel from Australia that was all the buzz some years ago? Well a friend of mine suggested that I "become a fan" on(edit) and I had a look at their products and they have tons now!

              I was particularly intrigued by the desensitizing kava wipes so I ordered a box and tried it just before I drove to my waxing appointment (about 15 minutes or so)

              Let me tell you, it helped out quite a bit! Obviously nothing can make bikini waxing completely painless, but it did help out with that eye watering stinging sensation so I'm pretty happy with it.

              Oh, by the way for those who aren't familiar with kava, its a natural numbing agent derived from the roots of the Kava plant. This plant is normally found in various regions of the south pacific and has several medicinal properties.
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              • Dr Numb Numbing Cream.

                13% Lidocaine and Prilocaine
                Non-Oily - Water Based Topical Numbing Cream
                99% Recurring Clients worldwide
                Numbs Your Skin Fast and Lasts 4 Hours!
                Uses: Needle Pain, Tattooing, Body Piercing, Waxing, etc.

                Dr Numb is now widely use for Tattooing, Permanent makeup, and all skin painful procedures. I use this when i have my big tattoo at my back. a pinkies dragon tattoo that takes 6 sessions. apply the dr. numb numbing cream 30 to 45 minutes before the procedure begins. you will feel vibration from the machine but you will feel no pain, it really numbs your skin.
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                • We have the same problem, I need numbing creams too, I want to get waxing but too bad i hate the pain! i saw this ad when i'm searching for numbing creams, soo popular now, i've heard some of my co-workers really did it without the pain.


                  • Try to use Numbing cream Like Drnumb Before getting waxing my Dear! 100 percent work to numb the area.


                    • Hi
                      I use No Scream cream, it really does help and you cant get it on ebay


                      • Hi No scream cream is good and can be bought on ebay, I have heard good and bad reviews but it works for me and depending on how well I put it on it really does help up to 80%, sometimes I can hardly feel a thing!


                        • BareEase & Cream

                          I started using BareEase & Cream about 6 months ago and it has amazing numbing power!

                          I researched a few different creams but went with this one because it was developed by an anesthesiologist. I apply the numbing cream to the bikini area, slip on the panty (to protect my clothing) and go about my usual business for 30 minutes. When I get to the salon I remove the panty and cream, and the wax is almost painless. It even helps when my waxer tweezes the final hairs, I barely feel a thing!! Would definitely recommend trying it out


                          • According to a friend of mine, taking two Advil tablets about 15 minutes before your waxing session helps manage the pain.
                            "If better is possible, good is not enough."


                            • I recently had a tattoo on my shin which normally is painful. I used Hush Anesthetic Gel and it worked for me. People named this product after the way it makes people hush.
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