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thick hair

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  • thick hair

    hi, im new to this board but have read through some of the threads about excessive hair. i am covered in hair, i dislike it not only because it looks revolting but because i also find it painful. i dont want to sound a baby but i have tried waxing, had it done in a salon, the woman could not remove every hair meaning i had to shave sometimes anyway and it look nearly 2 weeks for all the red bumpy dots to calm down.. that was only my legs... dont think i could stand getting the bikini line done lol.. my skin couldnt stand material touching it for days after. when i shave i use lots of shaving foam and a new razor every time, the hair starts to grow back literally hours after, 24 hours after its very prickly, like i havent shaved for days. ergh embarrassing. and then i have the added annoyance of the razor cutting off all the hair follicles so my legs bleed after i shave. it looks disgusting lol. i have to wait for my legs (and other areas) to stop bleeding before i can get dressed. i also get a lot of ingrown hairs, especially on my stomach and around my chest.
    im fed up of having hair lol... any ideas... that dont cost loads??

  • Dear:
    If you've read through the hair removal threads you've seen that, like so many things in life, there is no quick easy or cheap answer to your problem.

    I soo sympathize! I have had an on-going battle with body hair since I was 20years old. There are answers (see tha threads) but anything approaching permanance is a process. Like havn washboard abs or a killer bod, it ain't easy. Or quick.



    • I too have very course dark hair and hate to wear skirts in the summer as like u my legs seem to be prickly straight after!!! tried sugaring waxing shaving again used to kill me stinging bleeding and i could always feel prickles straight after they never looked smooth!! now trying IPL laser.Reccomend a big surgery only... I am going to a beauticians n dont like to complain but she burnt me really bad which was really killin 4 2 weeks . yeh pricey but work out how much ure spendin on waxing!!! if u can go out on hols n to the beach with smooth legs or even just throw a skirt without thinkin oh god my hairy legs then how rewarding n great would u feel.... thats how i look at it. save up!!! im on a hair dressin wage!


      • Same position. I can shave my legs today and the follicles would be visible tomorrow morning. My arms have long dark coarse hair as well, there is no way to cover that up. I have tried the hair removal creams on my arms which did work but a couple days later the stubble pops up. Aside from laser work done I don't think we can be saved, and even that would take more than the average amount of sessions which equals at least several hundred dollars if not thousands by the time it is all actually gone for good. It just suck when people are like "just love yourself"...yeah? well how am I supposed to love myself when I do not look like even an average girl, not a model, an average girl you may see at school or at the mall. I cannot wear sundresses because there is no such thing and soft smooth hairless skin to show off, I cannot wear a bikini unless I let my hair grow out a bit and then shave that same day so the dark follicles do not show, I cannot even wear a tanktop because the hair is just so visible and much much more abundant than the average girl. You are not alone in this
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        • laser treatment

          hey... your problem of unwanted hairs is like many other women. You can try Laser Hair Treatment to get rid of unwanted hairs . Its really beneficial, Just try it....!!!


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