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Turmeric for reducing hair growth?

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  • Turmeric for reducing hair growth?

    Like others on here, I have problems with facial hair. I've recently read that, as well as for glowing skin, turmeric is used in India "to reduce hair growth on the body." Woah! Looks like I'm going to be making myself some turmeric facial masks to try and reduce my hair growth!

    If anyone else wants to try this, share your experiences here, and I'll do the same. And if you know of any other ingredients that could help reduce hair growth, let us know!

  • that's a new one on me! Please let us know how it works


    • Ok well, it will probably take time before I can comment on whether this affects hair growth, but so far it seems to be helping my skin. I've only done a full tumeric face mask once, and two more times I've done it on just the trouble spots. I've had some spots that have had trouble healing for weeks now, and the turmeric seems to have helped them along in an encouraging way. Of course, still too soon to say much for sure, but it's looking promising!


      • **Add supplements to your diet. Vitamins and minerals such as vitamins B, C, and F, zinc, iron and copper can help promote hair growth.

        ** Another hair growth tip is to include lean protein such as chicken and fish in your diet. Just don’t fry it. Grilled or broiled is best.

        ** Make your own conditioning rinse. Just boil one cup of celery leaves with the stems. After you strain them, add the juice from one lemon. Use this after you wash your hair to get soft silky hair. This can replace those expensive conditioners.

        ** Try lavender oil. In addition to its relaxing scent, lavender oil has been shown to improve hair growth. Work the oil into your scalp once every week. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then wash with shampoo.

        ** You should get a trim at least every month. This removes hurt ends and leaves your hair looking healthier.


        • hi..........
          actually I have heard it for first time that turmeric powder is useful for hair removal.But if you get any benefit from it, please do tell me. Anyways, you can try Laser Hair Treatment for permanent hair removal...... its also beneficial...


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