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My Epilating Experience!

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  • My Epilating Experience!

    Hello all,

    So I promised that I would tell everyone about epilating as soon as I've tried it. I finally have, so I'm here and ready to talk.

    I've been hesitant all this time because epilators can be expensive, and I've read mixed reviews about them. The model I have is the Remington EP-5000, which I purchased from London Drugs just yesterday. It was around $90. They go from $60-$120. I figured I would get one in the middle price range.

    On the instruction booklet, it says to charge it for 16 hours before first using it. The EP-5000 is cordless and rechargable, but you can use it while it charging too. It's not too light or too heavy, and the top shell is metalic burgundy, the bottom shell white. It comes with 2 heads, one shaves, and one epilates. (Also comes with a cleaning brush, but it's basically just a toothbrush head with really long bristles-- nothing special.) The epilating head is just a bunch of rotating tweezers with rollers between each pair so it glides over your skin more easily. It has "massaging fingers" but they don't move, and don't seem to be doing anything significant for me. The epilator is very comfortable to hold in your hand and the on-off switch (2 speeds) is in the middle of the body, covered by your palm.

    I turned it on, and it wasn't very loud. It sounded like a vibrating cellphone, which I'm completely okay with. The tweezers rotate quick so you can't really see anything.

    I started with my arms. It didn't hurt, it just feels like pulling a bandage off. Sometimes you can feel the plucking action happening a bit more in some sensitive areas, but nothing that will make you gasp or tear up. I just glided over my target area a couple of times, and the hair was gone. So, this isn't going to be too time consuming and you won't miss hairs!

    I turned the epilator off and looked to see the hairs that have been pulled out. (The hair is trapped around the epilator head, but does not affect performance and can be easily taken care of with a little blow of air) I was afraid that the hair was just cut off, but that's not the case. I saw that the roots of the hair have been pulled out as well, and my arm was smooth! Just like waxing, but so much faster, cleaner, and tidier. (aka. BETTER!)

    You don't have to wait for your hair to grow all the way out in order to use the epilator, you just have to be able to see a bit of stubble, and you should be able to get it out. I have to remember to exfoliate often so I don't get ingrowns.

    This concludes my review, but I think I missed some important information but I don't know what. If you need to know anything else please just ask here or feel free to message me!

  • Sounds like a positive experience!
    [IMG]http://i109.photobucket.com/albums/n78/jennimassa/pinupgirls-1.jpg[/IMG]C'mon girls - let's have some FUN!


    • Want! Haven't even heard of this thing. Think they sell them at regular stores?


      • Yes, it definitely was a great experience!

        Wherever electrical shavers are sold, you can probably find epilators too.
        I got mine at London Drugs, which is just my local drug store.


        • Ah man, it's sooo tempting, but I'm such a pain baby. I'll have to think about this some more.


          • Lana, if you've ever waxed, this shouldn't be too bad in terms of pain.
            Besides, after just one use, the already low discomfort level has gone even lower.
            I suggest you give it a shot, it is worth every penny!


            • I have my eyebrows waxed every 3 weeks, but getting hairs ripped out of my legs scares me. lol


              • I would actually be more afraid of facial waxing... it hurts more.
                If you want to get the feeling of epilating, maybe you can take a pair of tweezers and pluck a few hairs from your legs. (Epilators do it 20x quicker!)


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