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Hair Removal: Does it hurts? Any product to alleviate the pain before the procedure?

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  • Hair Removal: Does it hurts? Any product to alleviate the pain before the procedure?

    I wanted to have a hair removal on my legs but my friend told me it really hurts a lot, especially waxing. So what is the best cream to help me on this? I really wanted to have it removed. I hope you can give me examples of numbing creams. Thanks!

  • You'll never know unless you give it a go. Maybe its just me, but I find waxing my legs is nowhere near as painfull as people like to make out. I've only ever done it on myself using strips, so maybe its different getting it done in a salon. But from my experience the pain is quite bearable and doesnt hurt that much at all.

    Just remember, even if it does hurt a little bit, it is literally just for a few seconds. I dont think there even is a cream you can get to numb your legs. Somepeople might say have a couple of paracetamol about an hour before you get waxed, but honestly I can't see that making any difference.

    I say just go for it, book an appointment and see how it goes, if it is really bad (which im sure it wont be) then you dont have to go again. The results will be worth it!
    Good luck, have fun, let us know how it goes!


    • Everyone is different

      Hey sweets. Miss Pineapple is right. Just give it a try...maybe a small patch to be sure...lol. Everyone is different when it comes to taking pain. Some people's nerves are more sensitive than others.
      Love the skin you're in
      Be proud of who you are
      Never allow others to downgrade or discriminate
      Demand love, respect & attention
      Be true to yourself and love YOU first
      With love,
      MissMeSha 810



      • I always take 800 m.g. of ibuprophin about 1 hr before (laser, electrolys). It helps a bunch. Also, no caffene - seems to intensify pain for me, so I lay off it 24 hrs before.
        Some pain reducing creams avail non-prerscription drug stores, but I don't use them if havin laser bcause fear reaction w/ the light rays. Also ,if doin waxing, may keep wax from stickin to the hair.

        agree w/ Miss M - everyone's pain sensitivity is different, same procedure that sends me into orbit is easily tollerated by someone else. Also, big difference on diff areas of your body. some parts have no problem, other's WOW that HURTS!!!

        choose yr nickle and take yer chances, hair removal always seems to involve some degree of pain. .... worth it, tho.


        • Hair Removal

          Hi friend.. If you really want to try waxing but you're scared of the pain, why not try to use Dr. numb... it is a numbing cream... very effective. i tried it before and it was totally painless when i had my ears pierced...


          • Dr. Numb and other creams containing lidocaine should work. They are topical anesthetics.


            • numbing cream

              now, numbing cream can also used for children.. for terrible pain from injection that is really hated by children, now the solution is over. just apply to the skin with in 30 minutes it will numb the skin and totally no pain at all.. you child will free to pain from injection..


              • Anyone who can recommend a trusted product brand for numbing cream?

                next month im having an appointment to my tattoo artist because i want to have a tattoo on my lower chest and i dont like tattoo pain thats why i will try numbing cream for painless tattoo but i don't know what is the best brand for numbing cream... please help me..


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