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Has anyone tried THIS bikini solution?

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  • Has anyone tried THIS bikini solution?

    I have long had a far worse time with my bikini area than most people I have read about on the forums. My best guess is just that I have really curly hair down there, and that's what makes the difference. I am SO jealous of all the talk about full Brazillians--I would LOVE to get rid of it all, but I know that in a couple weeks I would end up an ugly scabbed mess

    I'm married, so I want to be able to put on a pair of lingerie nearly any day and look okay. My current routine is to wax just after my period (the waxing lasts about 1 1/2 - 2 weeks), and then shave until my period comes again. Then I've got a week to heal up and let it grow out before waxing again.

    The problem is that when I wax or shave, nearly every last hair ends up ingrown. I swear, I need to start passing out compasses that say 'THIS way to the surface!!' I spend a good deal of time every day when the waxing is growing out, or after every shave, digging each individual hair out. With my fingernails and a sterilized pair of nail clippers--I'm rather astonished at my pain threshold at this point. I know that's a terrible thing to do, but if I don't, they often DON'T get out on their own--they turn into huge ugly pimples, and sometimes even permanent cysts. YUCK. Oh yes, I've tried all kinds moisturizers and anti-bump liquids--no luck.

    This means that I end up looking absolutely hideous for all but about 1 1/2 weeks out of every month, not to mention being in a lot of pain, and I just don't know what to do. I tried those hair-disolving creams, and found that if I have any nicks in my skin, it eats away all the skin around it. Plus, they tend to leave a stubbly feeling, which means I often had to run a razor over the top as a finishing touch, and a few imperceptible cuts or abbrasions are inevitable. Imperceptable that is, until I use the cream again :P I also can't afford laser.

    This GOT to change, because 1) I find myself avoiding sex with my husband simply because I hate how I look down there, and 2) I'm starting to get some scars, and I worry that it's only a matter of time before I get an infection or something. The funny thing is I really don't need a perfect job down there--my husband is actually more tolerant of hair down there than I am (although I know he really likes me SOMEWHAT shaved). It's not like I'm trying to wear a bikini in public--I just want to look okay in lingerie.

    So...I've come up with a plan, and we'll see how it works:
    1) Dump the waxing all together. Switch to exclusively shaving, but NOT against the grain--make sure a portion of the hair is left above the surface. (I could never do that before, because I've got dark hair, and it's still visible. Plus, it leaves a stubbly feeling.) Hopefully this will eradicate my issues with cuts and ingrowns **crossing fingers and toes**
    2) Bleach the part of the hair left above the skin. (I bought one specifically intended for face & bikini areas)
    I'm also hoping that Jergens hair-educing lotion will help a bit with the stubbly feeling...

    I know my husband would be extremely worried if he had any idea just what I do to myself all the time :P I so, so hope this works!! I don't suppose anyone else has tried something similar to this? Does anyone else have these kinds of problems shaving? I feel so...icky.

  • Tabby,

    Are you waxing yourself? I'm thinking about doing this but have never tried it. I would feel very uncomfortable going to a waxing salon to have it done. I bought Zip wax but don't really know what to do. It says to heat it in a pan or double boiler. It sounds like a lot of work. Do you have a wax machine?

    How long does it take to get good at waxing yourself? I think of that scene from the 40 year old Virgin, OUCH.


    • Yep, I've been waxing myself at home--I've found that my favorite brand is Sally Hansen. They're sticky strips that you first warm by rubbing them between your hands, and then pull the strips apart. I tried using Veet, but the sticky stuff that brand uses makes quite a mess; on the other hand, veet comes with a nice minty, numbing spray. Oh, and I found that oftentimes the store only sells the body strips (for legs, etc.), and not the bikini/face strips. The body strips work just fine: unlike products like bleach, hair disolving creams, etc, which may have more sensitive formulas for face & bikini, the only difference in wax strips is the size of the strip. So, you can just cut them down to size.

      Yeah, the thought of baring it all at a salon doesn't sound very attractive to me either, so I just gritted my teeth and started doing it myself. I'd say it took me a few months to get good at it--initially I'd go through half a box of strips, spending an hour in the bathroom, each time. Now I can get it done with far fewer strips and about half an hour. It doesn't do a totally perfect job, so I have to touch it up with a razor (but for heaven's sake, WAIT a day or two before putting a razor to that sensitive skin). Don't keep re-stripping an area that just doesn't seem to want to come clean, especially on the lowest parts of the bikini line--the skin there is very delicate and you'll end up ripping the skin off >.< Just give those areas one or two tries, and then leave it alone.

      Yeah, it hurts. But since I have so much trouble with painful ingrown hairs, and waxing lasts a couple weeks before they start to show up (unlike shaving, after which they show up in a day), waxing is far less painful in the long run.

      As for my suggested solution in the original post...yeah, not gonna work. First, shaving against the grain, no matter how open-minded I tried to be about it, produces throroughly unsatisfying results--the stubble feels awful and looks awful. Second, the bleach did absolutely nothing. Seriously, I left it on for the max amount of time the box said was safe (15 minutes), and I didn't notice a bit of change. Even if it had had an effect, I doubt it would have bleached the folicles beneath the skin, so those would have still been visible anyway.

      ARRRGGG!! After a bit of reading, I think my best bet at this point is to try using more moisturizer and an astringent (like witch hazel, NOT alcohol), more frequently and particularly just after waxing/shaving. I had been a bit negligent in doing that because it rather hurts putting anything on the skin other than warm water after waxing. **crossing fingers again**


      • Hey Tabbycat

        Hey TabbyCat,
        I have completely the same problem with my bikini line because of having thick curly hair there. I have tried shaving and its hurts and grows back so quickly and i cant shave it again because it is sensitive. Hair removal creams just didnt work. I tried waxing myself and it ended it disaster, not lastly very long and causing ingrowning hairs. So I went to a salon and had a brazilian wax done. Now I am shy, very shy and usually I wouldnt do this (I mean I alway take a mate to the hairdressers with me because I dont like going on my own) but the lady where I go is so professional and waxing down there is part of her job so there is really nothing to be embarrassed about. Do it!!! Back to the ingrowing hairs - i get them but i found exfoltating every time u have a shower really helps. U can get body exfolitator from shops or buy some exfoltator gloves. I have some and they are amazing. Just be soft and careful withthem. Not only do the stop ingrowing hairs but they make ur skin feel really nice I use them all over.
        Anyway I understand where u are coming, hope that helps!


        • Hi Tabbycat.
          I had to double check while reading your post that it wasn't written by me. The reason why I came upon this thread was because I just googled bleaching your bikini area and this is one of the first results that came up. I bought jolen bleach today because I too suffer from bikini area issues, and I am one step away from tattooing roadway signs down there that read, "one way". However, after a long talk with my mother, she convinced me not to do it. I think your plan is a good plan. As a matter of fact while reading your blog I was already and set to get my self set up for a bleach bikini bingo session. My only concern is the area is so sensitive as it is. I would be afraid that the bleach would lighten your skin. Oh, and when the hair grows back in will it be the really dark hair pushing through the white hair or red (what color does bleached dark hair turn anyway)? I'm sorry to come at you with so many questions. It's just that your plan sounds like a very good and maneageable plan. I'm rooting for you! Can you tell me the name of the bleach that you purchased? Very interested in checking it out.

          Currently my shaving regimen includes shaving with a Mach 3 (men's razor - men always have the better shaving products) after a nice long epsom salt bath. Cleaning the area with peroxide or an astrigent, and switching between Cortizone 10 & Neosporin. I am constantly using Gold Bond Medicated Powder. It really does help. I went as far as to use mashed strawberries with sourcream to soothe the area. I just used a delipatory cream for the first time (Veet), and found that I had to shave to. I just did it so I'm really trying to see how this works out. I am an aquatics fitness instructor so I am constantly doing bikini area maintenance. I would also suggest wearing board shorts. They're very cute and comfortable.

          Here's to successful hair removal!


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