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please help me

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  • please help me

    Me and a friend went for a bikini wax at a new place that has just opened near me. I have previously used salons before and thought there would be no problems what so ever, how wrong was I.
    I wasn't alarmed by anything untill a woman came in to 'check up on how we were getting on' and said "oh dear".
    What they did I have no idea but I have a huge bruise like mark on either side and a very painful, rash type thing, alomst like what you get with ingrowing hair. They have told me to come back when it has healed(yer right)
    I was hoping someone would be able to shed some light on how to stop it feeling so uncomfortable and how to get rid of this problem as to look at it is very embarrising and im terrified of what my boyfriend will think ?????

  • I use tea tree oil for razer rash - works well for me. Re: bruising - if this happened recently, you can use ice. If 48 hours or more ago, alternate 10 min of cold compress with 10 min of mild heat (damp towel soaked in warm (110'F or so) water.. nothing will make the bruises go away immediately, but this will speed the process up some.
    an yeah, never darken the door of that place again ... wow!


    • thank you so mch for your advice.
      really apreciated


      • Sometimes if the wax is TOO hot it can cause a really bad rash. Most people that wax are very careful to make sure that doesn't happen so I'd really suggest seeing someone else for it in the future.
        Scars remind us of where we've been...they don't have to dictate where we're going.


        • well , my pointer is you should start drinking tea .scientifis study foune that drinking tea has many health benefits.drink a cup of tea per day and you will benefit a lot from it!!!


          • Yikes!! Sorry about your bad experience. This place you went to clearly didnt know what they were doing! It does not pay to go cheap (not sayin you did) when it comes to waxing especially in the sensitive area. I have been getting full brazilians now for 3 yrs and I will never go back to shaving. Find yourself another spa to go to and get yourself a good esthetician. Mine has become a dear friend of mine lol! Go to a reputable place where these people are properly trained and certified. They should know where to use hard wax and what areas to use soft wax. The first time is always the hardest but if you have someone who knows what they are doing than its should be less of a terrifying experience. I'm not sure where in your area you can go to but I go to an Aveda spa. These people are highly trained and go through extensive schooling to work for these spa's. They are pretty pricey ($60-80) but there isnt a price tag on my vagina lol!! Good luck and dont give up, trust me you will eventually love waxing!!


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