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Shave my armpit

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  • Shave my armpit

    Whenever I shave my armpits it always hurts, the skin it rough and bumpy and I have squeezed out some junk before. It's really embarrassing and I can't really lift my arms cause there is a rough texture and you can still see the hairs. How do I shave without it becoming like that? Sometimes one side is smoother than the other. And I don't really like waxing or laser treatment. PLEASE HELP!!! In high school, and it's a desperate time of need.

  • squeezing out junk leads me to believe they are infected.. try using an exfoliate before you shave, make sure you're using a clean sharp razor along with shaving cream. and before you go to bed, make sure you wash your armpits with an astringent to remove the buildup from your deodorant.


    • I'm not sure these ideas would help as I haven't shaved armpits, however I shave my face almost every day. I have never been great with a bladed shaver - too many nicks. I use battery operated electric shavers. I use a rotary one when I have long stubble and a foil one for everyday saving. I let my face recover over the weekends, thus getting the long stubble. I have known people with kinky hair to use electric hair cutters instead of shavers, because if they shave too close they get ingrown hairs that can cause a dangerous situation.

      Years ago a guy I knew was in the hospital for a week after getting infection in ingrown hairs after shaving too close. The doctors had to drain them and had him on heavy duty antibiotics. He came close to dying young.

      Maybe an electric hair cutter would do the trick or an electric shaver. Don't share shavers with others. The difference in body chemistry can make the shavers get funky odors.
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      • In high school I too had a lot of problems getting a nice shave under my arms.

        I realized that my problem was that I wasn't using a sharp enough razor, as well as the wrong type of shaving cream.

        What type of razor are you using and how long do you use it for before switching for a new one?


        • Originally posted by Mes_T View Post
          In high school I too had a lot of problems getting a nice shave under my arms.

          I realized that my problem was that I wasn't using a sharp enough razor, as well as the wrong type of shaving cream.
          Excellent point. I've realized that too (although I don't use shaving cream. Perhaps I should?).


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