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Hmm... Lazers for teens?

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  • Hmm... Lazers for teens?

    Alright, so I'm sixteen years old and I absolutely detest my hair. There's my intro.

    I've been researching for about an hour now on the subject of laser hair removal, and what I've found is that my skin/hair type (LIGHT skin, DARK hair) is ideal! Wonderful! Although I've read negative reviews as well as positive, I'm pretty much set that someday, I want this treatment. However, what I've noticed during my research is that the target audience of reviews and blogs is not teens, it's adults. When I searched more specifically for the procedure in relation to teens, I was told that it's best to wait until after puberty, because otherwise the hair will grow back, and that's expensive.

    Uh, vague much? How do I know if I'm finished? I have had significant breast growth and they seem to have finished, but I can't say that for sure. A lot of people mistake me for a college student, but, come on now, that's a terrible indicator. I was disappointed with that advice.

    The areas I was thinking of having it done are as follows: my legs, which, I'll be honest, never look hairless, because my skin is so pale and the hair under my skin is dark and visible even if I have a very close shave; and my bikini line, as my hair is coarse and I have more than I would like to have in that area of my body, sigh. I was also considering having my underarms done, because my research informed me that area is usually the area most effected by lasers... and besides, razors tend to leave me with ingrown hairs and uncomfortable rashes there, despite how many times I've changed deodorants and tried creams.

    Now finally, the question I'd like to ask everyone is: should I bother? I'd like to try to pay for this on my own as much as possible, which will probably take at least a year of saving for perhaps only a part of the treatment, even considering the fact that I never really spend my money. That will, I guess, give me time to "finish puberty." In the meantime, I've waxed my eyebrows before, and I don't want to think for even a moment of doing that on my legs, and I've heard hair removal creams can damage skin... but shaving is basically ineffective, and often leaves me with really uncomfortable bumps, even if I use soothing creams as opposed to soap before I shave.

    Thank you so much for reading ♥.

  • Oh bummer, I was thinking of suggesting waxing to you while you consider laser! Why don't you go into a salon and get the waxing done by a professional - it'll be quick, neat, and then you can think about whether you'd want to continue doing that or start saving your money. Remember that the more you wax in one place, the less hair grows back. Also, your face is considerably more sensitive than your legs, so I would think that waxing your legs would be a lot less painful.

    Next I would suggest going and getting a consultation with someone who would actually perform the laser treatment, and ask all of your questions there.

    I noticed you mentioned that removal creams can damage skin - that's nowhere near the damage that laser treatment could leave, permanently, so I'm glad that at least the money issue would delay this for a time, letting you really look at this from every possible angle.

    That's all I can say, I've never had this myself, though have briefly considered it before.


    • Oh, really? I definitely might try waxing then. I guess I just assumed the pain would be similar to my brows. Eep!

      Thanks very much for your advice... I think it makes sense. So until I have time to really consider this and learn the facts, I'll try waxing and discuss the pros and cons with a professional. I'm still wary about the creams, although it definitely seems like common sense now that I think about it that a laser could be a lot more damaging than creams, I don't know why that didn't occur to me x ___ x. (Excitement, probably.)

      Thanks a lot—you might not have firsthand experience, but hearing a direct response from someone helped put everything a bit more into perspective. You were a big help! ♥.


      • If you try a hair removal creme... do it in just a tiny tiny spot, a skin test... see how it works for hair removal and pay close attention to the reaction you get from it.

        For waxing, it hurts. No legs don't hurt as much as eyebrows... but its a whole lot of area to have the hair ripped up from the root at. Bikini area hurts MORE than eyebrows to me. Tweeze a pube...to get one small idea of what that situation is going to feel like

        Waxing is great though if you have a high pain threshold. Because we're talking one visit every 6 weeks... a month and half of no hair worries is a real good thing.

        I use to get razer bumps , ingrown hairs when I tried using razors but then I switched to a ladies electric razor and it didn't leave bumps... it felt like it buffed my skin.. and I would feel SOOOO smooth... but... had to do every single day. I eventually went back to regular old disposable razors as the affordable and maintainable option when my electric one broke ( I havent bothered replacing it yet) and i'll get the occasional ingrown hair from it... but usually not and its very smooth and clean but I have to do it every day or every other day at the least.

        I use a bikini shave gel that is specially formulated for that area, softening those coarse hairs and being gentle on the skin while providing a good barrier from the razor.

        Laser is just too much money for me, not to mention fear of the person messing up and leaving a horrible burn.
        Scars remind us of where we've been...they don't have to dictate where we're going.


        • Yeah, agree w/ HD and MsT - try temp methods now and don't get laser 'til at least in your 20's. Your folicles are just coming 'on line' due to the puberty 'hormone rush'. If you did it now, by age 20 something you'd just have to do all over again cause of additional folicles becoming active. It's expensive, not pain-less, can damage skin if done wrong and time consuming. Effective, but not something you want to have more than necessary.


          • I am 18 and I am currently getting laser hair removal. I am pretty sure I am done w puberty though because I haven't getten any taller the last three years or so. For me, it has been very effective, I only have one treatment left. So I would suggest it..as long as the hair area really bothers you. It is really expensive


            • It's great to hear from someone who's doing it! I really do hate the hair... especially around my bikini line o /////o.
              Razors leave nasty bumps, and my mom doesn't buy wax, so I'd have to make a special request for the next time she went to the store... it'd be embarrassing. Not nearly as embarrassing as wearing those "paper panties" everyone talks about and getting it done professionally, though xDD.

              However, the price does really daunt me > _ <. I'll just have to see how much hair follicles waxing can kill before I skip to lasers, I think.


              • Why don't you try an epilator? Not sure whether its the same thing as the electric razor HD suggested, but I dont think it is - correct me if im wrong. My friend used to use epilators all over, belly, armpits, legs. She had quite alot of hair. She told me the epilators are like lots of little tweezers that move really quickly to pluck out the hairs. Its simiiar to waxing, but didnt hurt me as much as waxing did. I tried it on my leg and belly, I was expecting it to really, really hurt, but its less painful than plucking/waxing/tweezing your eyebrows. It also lasts the 6 weeks waxing lasts, and eventually, as with the waxing, the hair does not grow back. Epilators arnt too expensive either.

                As for the laser, why dont you buy your own? You can by one for less than £500 that will laser off a
                50p sized piece at a time. From what ive read when I was interested in buying one (and still might) after once the hair is gone. Look into it. Good luck x


                • Wow, actually I've seen a little bit about epilators on this site, so your post made me curious... I googled to see what they look like, and my mom has one of those!
                  I was so curious what it was, since it didn't look like a razor. And now I know.
                  I guess I'll just ask to use hers and see how that goes, since that's a lot more convenient then going and making an appointment for waxing.


                  • Plus its much safer than laser hair removal


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