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pubic hair removal and ingrown hairs!!

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  • pubic hair removal and ingrown hairs!!

    does anyone kno of any other way to remove pubic hair without getting ingrown hairs? ive tried both shaving and waxing.it doesnt really matter wich one i do.i ALWAYS get ingrown hairs when it grows back. the hair never breaks thru the skin. it curls back in and i have to get each individual hair out with tweezers. before hair removal ive tried soaking in the tub,exfoliate the skin, i use shaving gel when i shave. are there any personal electric shavers that give u a smooth non prickly cut? why wont my hair ever go thru the skin on its own? what am i to do about this?!

  • I shave my sac and penis and always use a wet razor, I used to use an electric one but always found that it left the area red and sore. A wet shave for me, in the shower is the best. I have never had any ingrowing hairs in the pubic area. But I do understand that shaving a vulva is different as you do have a opening that hairs can get lodged into.
    Perhaps some of the ladies here might be able to help more. x


    • I find shaving after your done washing your body is better, because the pubic hair is softer... the way ive been doing it is shaving down not repeating on the same spot for too long, then ill shave sideways ever since ive been shaving like that i havent had a ingrowth hair. never shave up.


      • I read a post that said, exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! It removes the dead skin from that part of your body and allows the hairs to grow through rather than become ingrown. After doing this I had very little problems with in grown hair.


        • Recently started seeing a guy who shaves and it really does nothing for me. I trim and shave the bikini line but am not hairy to begin with. I just don't see the attraction for this. I just don't get the child look. Did try shaving a couple times years ago because a lover wanted it and I gave that up fast with ingrown hairs, hassle and it takes too much time, you have to do it daily or be stubbley. Stubble is way less enticing than hair. I just don't get it.


          • i use to get ingrown hairs i found the best way is to use an electric shaver on the triangle part remington makes one its smaller in the girls shaving section its 20 and comes with alot of attachments for eye brows and ect. or you can use plain scissors to cut down that main part then use nair to outline the triangle i never got bumps with nair and then i use a reg razer in the tub on the lips part


            • I just don't shave every day. I shave twice to three times a week. When I do shave I use shaving foam. BE WARNED, it burns.


              • My present BF doesn't like neither bushy nor hairless, he just like in between - as he said.
                It is a 'fairway' for him.


                • Use cold water, which shrinks the top layers of skin so the hair sticks out farther. Also reduces bleeding and pain should you happen to nick yourself.


                  • I've found a remedy that's worked wonders for me. You can either slice a thin strip of raw potato and put it on for 20 minutes or so and the hair pops out on its own (sometimes it sticks to the potato). I also grate the potato and wrap it in a paper towel and do the same thing! With the paper towel method you can also slowly rub it on your legs for razor bumbs! It was amazing! I couldn't believe it was that easy. I didn't have to squeeze or tweezed! Hope it works for everyone else as it worked for me!


                    • 2010 thread ............. closed
                      There is a method to my madness ........ I just haven't found it yet.


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