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Removing hair below, What works the best (Products)Help please?!

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  • Removing hair below, What works the best (Products)Help please?!

    So I am dating someone new, and a convo about hair came up and it so happens that the person am dating hates hair. and I also dislike hair in certain places like down there. I am not very knowledge about stuff like this. What kind of products can I use that works? I use Nair for my legs, and arms. But I have no idea if it would work down there. I want to remove all hair in that area. What should I do?

  • Be careful about using Nair on your genitals, you are very likely to burn or even permanently scar yourself down there, I personally get a rash using that stuff.

    You can try shaving, but its a good idea to exfoliate in the shower first and use a moisturizing cream/gel when shaving, its reccomended that you shave in the direction of hair growth to prevent razor bumps and ingrown hair.

    You can also try an epilator, but its quite painful, unless you build up a tolerance to it like I do. Even with that, I only remove biking line hair and trim the rest.

    Theres also waxing, which is not pleasant, but when done by a professional its less painful then epilator because its quick.

    And last but not least, theres also laser, which is probably the best option since its permanent hair removal, but it is pricy, although you will probably spend less money on that, then on a lifetime of razors/shaving creams.


    • I use a venus razor, they are made just for women also get a good gel, try Satin Care, also shower or take a bath first.

      And always use a lotion with vitamin E in it after you shave.


      • I used tweezers myself. I started on the outside and worked my way in. I took a while to complete but when I finished it was great. Smooth as can be. Yes it grows back but after you do it once it get easier and easier. I also exfoliate during every shower. Scrubing that area getting all the dead skin off. Very few in grown hairs. It's so comfortable now and I love it. My wife likes it this way also!


        • Exfoliating it before shaving with a Venus razor is what I do too...it's best to do it when you're in the shower.
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          • 'simply wax' strip free white wax.
            it comes in a pink pot and you heat it up yourself, its pretty much foolproof

            it is hands down the best thing i've ever used.
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            • I use Veet for everywhere down below. Need I get explicit? So anyway, I insert a tampon and rub the veet everywhere including my bum. 5 mins for my think hair has me bald with no ingrowns or itching after growing in. I smooth the hair upward for growing back sake. I look and feel great.


              • Laser would be your best option, although pricey. (Brazillians are around $200/treatment in my area). The results are longer lasting, and think if you start now-soon you won't have to worry about it at all!!

                Tahoe : Ive never thought of plucking before! That must take a while!! I can see how you would have good results, might try that!


                • A comment on laser hair treatment....they are NOT PERMANENT unless you go numerous times.

                  Allow me to speak from experience...I've been hairy as long as i can remember. Finally, as an adult who was dating, I had had enough of the hair on my back...yes, back hair...ewe! So I went for laser treatments. I am an "ideal" candidate because my hair is dark and my skin is light. I went a couple times per month for about seven months and invested $2800 US in the removal of hair from my back.

                  At best, I would say it thinned out but in no way shape or form is it gone completely or permanently....far from it.

                  I am satisfied with my results but I just wanted to share my experience with everyone. Of course every case is different and there are exceptions to every rule.

                  Good luck!


                  • I've been shaving since 14. Hated it at first but after a while just got used to it
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                    • I like the idea of Veet but just be careful, Veet burns through the skin if you leave it on too long. I did it on my leg before I chose to shave and I have a spot approximately1 in diameter from Veet burning through the skin, I would recommend trimming first so that you don't have too thick of hair.
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                      • The sensitivity of this area limits the products that are applicable. Most women stick to shaving. As mentioned above, any products containing chemical ingredients may be potentially dangerous. Waxing, sugaring, laser, or electrolysis are too painful. So the best option is to use a painless method to remove hair, even if it takes more time.


                        • Plucking with a tweezer gives the best smoothness no doubt, but it usually takes so long that I get a serious neck cramp three minutes into it. Not to mention if you're not a regular plucker, it will hurt a bit. I hate the idea that no matter how thoroughly you shave, the smoothness can only last a day (two max), yet it's what I do for speed's sake...
                          I've never tried wax strips though I would like to... how much does it hurt?


                          • Wow, sounds like everyone here is going way overboard. Ouch. I hope none of that stuff hurts. Me, I just use bikini shavers. They don't quite shave all the way down to the skin. They leave just a tiny bit of stubble. I shave totally bare down there. I do this once a week like clockwork. It works out really good. Never causes any sort of problems and feels smooth enough. I shave his downstairs too. Sexy! :-)


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