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body hair - lower back, abdomen!! :/

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  • body hair - lower back, abdomen!! :/

    hello!..i am 16..n i have a skin tone between light brown n fair!!..not exactly fair!!... but i have really really dark brown hair.....umm.on my lower back n stomach!...i can bleach he stomah hair n get it over with as it is not that dense.and is very thin!...BUT,..the hair on my back..i tried waxing!..but ended up havin rashes boils n stuff..:/..not good!!....i want a way to get rid of it ASAP...i have a new boyfriend...but i do not know how to handle it..as things are spicing up a bit......i do not want to get embaressed if we go any further (that is going to happen any day soon) .. ...
    my self onfidence has gone real low..beacuse of the rashes n the tiny hair..and im not even able to wear the clothes tht i have..backless and all tht...though i am takin medication ...but im still skeptical!!.
    please please please help me!!>.asap!!!

  • I epilate and it's the most effective and easy hair removal process I've found. I'd die without this thing. I have hair everywhere all over and shaving certain places is horrible...This removes the hair from the root, so a.) no razor bumps or cuts b) hair comes back thinner and lighter and takes MUCH longer to grow back if you use it on a regular basis c) it's easy to use one and it's really non-messy and you dont have to use water or shaving cream!

    The only thing I would warn you about is the pain...I personally don't think it hurts that much. From reading reviews online, I was scared to use it for the first time because they made it seem horribly painful, but it wasn't to me! Maybe I have a high tolerance, or the people on the net are totally wussy. Anyways, you should seriously try it. I have a Braun X'elle. I've been self-conscious about my body hair my whole life and just had to accept that I would always be that way.. Wrong!


    • Epilating the hair is an ideal option but it is better to consult a specialist to get to the root of the cause. Check your hormone levels. Hormonal imbalance can also result in excess body hair growth. Hope this helps.


      • I had a cousin who had a hairy body since she was small till the time she was 19.
        So there is hope that they will end.
        Or if it is disturbing you much epilate it


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