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Removing arm hair

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  • Removing arm hair

    What is the best method of removing arm hair? If you shave does it grow back worse?? I have very fine/light/blonde hair but I want that nice smooth look?
    Any tips/hints welcomed

    Thanks in advance

  • Hmmm, i never though about my arm hair, mines dark and kinda long..

    i guess you could use nair or something like that on your arms..


    • An ex-girlfriend was from Sweden and had very light blond arm hair. She swore by, and used often, the wax strips that you can buy at any drug store.

      They worked well for her.


      • it depends on how much you are willing to spend. I shaved mine in my teenage years and find now the hair is thicker and dark if I don't take care of it, so do not shave.
        There are waxes and they work well but it is only temporary and again with this method eventually hair does come back darker and thicker so it would need to be life long habit. Electrolysis is permanent but is costly needing many treatments and not sure laser hair removal would work for you because you said your hair is blonde. Anyway good luck no matter what your choice
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        • There's absolutely no guarantee that electrolysis or laser would work. Arms are larger areas, so you have many options. If I were you, I'd most probably try a combination of waxing and some hair inhibitor. That way hair growth may be reduced. Just do not shave


          • Thank you everyone for your replies. I will avoid shaving. I didn't want to go along those lines. I think I will give waxing a go.
            My hair hair is really fair and fine but to me it bothers me!
            Thanks again for your tips


            • If you're worry about shaving afterwards, then try permanent procedure like laser. This treatment gives best results than waxing.
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