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  • waxing

    im thinking about having my pubic hair waxed totally. has anyone had it done and does hurt a lot.
    i am a bit anxious about it but determined to have it done

  • Cat actually had a good thread on this... She got a lot of responses and posted her story as well.



    • I tried shaving, but it left me with razor bumps that stoped me from shaving again. So i tried waxing, but just until the bikini line because i knew doing it all was going to hert like crazy. It does hert a lot though, but after a while you get numb and dont feel it. And after a few times of waxing the hair doesnt grow back as much. The only thing is that after maybe a week the strongest hairs grow back so you want to wax them off but you cant because there arent enough. One thing that i will consider after im 18 is laser, cause waxing gets old real fast.


      • Beleive it or not, I have been having this done since my wife talked me into trying it... I didn't find it painful at all.
        After all I had read about it and heard about it, I was worried, but my wife insisted that it wasn't that bad - she was right.
        Now, I'll not say that it is a picnic, but it is NOTHING to worry about at all...

        ...and the results are worth it.
        I've come to really like the feeling and the look-needless to say so does the wife.


        • I got waxed once and I have never been back! The pain was pretty bad but thats not what stopped me from going back. I hated the "in between" time where you have to grow back out so you have enough hair to wax the next time!


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