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Brazilian waxed for first time

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  • Brazilian waxed for first time

    I just received my first wax ever and it was a Brazilian wax. Now I'm one that hates the gynecologist and yes I was very uneasy starting 2 hours prior appointment! I even considered canceling! But I told myself that I have wanted this for a few months now and it would not happen if I chicken out! So I walk in for my appointment and the tech says you can undress down to your comfort level.

    Humm, I want a Brazilian is there a comfort level? The first pull I was expecting major pain and eye watering if not flowing tears. But, honestly, it just stung a little. I thought ok maybe that was an easy pull, just warming up, but even though it stung, I never get any tears or even felt like I needed a minute. When it come time to do my anal area she asked me to pull my knees up to my chest so I was in a ball shape.

    But even that was no bad to be in that pose so to speak. When I was done I was actually surprised! So now I'm so proud of myself for going through with it. I came home and got in the shower just me because I even have to so that after the gynocologist because some one was down there. As I was washing I felt the smoothness and then actually looked at it. Wow!! It was amazing the feel and the smoothness!! I have to say it is very liberating to have it bare! I'm so ready for my husband to inspect my first wax ever and to see it all gone!
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  • Glad you didn't feel so much pain. Brazilian waxing is not for everyone as the threshold for pain varies among individuals. Did you take any aspirin prior to the procedure?


    • Woo Hoo! Another "successful" Brazilian wax story.

      As an aficionado of cunnilingus, there is nothing like a smooth bare surface from which to begin.


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