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razor or waxing legs?

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  • razor or waxing legs?

    which is better razor or wax?

  • razor easier and quicker


    • i think waxing is better bcoz its leaves ur skin smooth for abt 4 weeks.. though razor is quicker n easier the hair which grows back is very hard n ingrowth takes place n leaves black spots on the skin bcoz of the ingrown hairs. waxing helps to remove the hairs from the roots n hence grows back slowly... so i suggest waxing!


      • I just switched 2 waxing because I was so tired of shaving. So far, it's a lot more work, but my hair is starting to grow in blonder so it's not as noticeably


        • I wanted to start waxing,but haven't yet! Waxing would leave my skin alot smoother...For the time being shaving is still my easiest and quickest way to go...


          • I'd go for waxing. shaving would make you prickly as your hair grow back. After you wax, remember to moisturize.


            • i use cream but if your going to use a razor just dont do what i did once and shave cold legs (rushed job before i went out to my school prom had ran out of cream so used a razor) as you cut yourself and you can be left with a painful rash (had it on the underside of my upper leg painful when i sat down) and then the hair growing back like the next day almost was painful and because of the rash i couldnt use hair removal cream cause it stung :| and i had to leave it to let the rash go so by the time i could use cream on it my legs were disgusting

              just wax/cream its less painful in my experiance


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