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So much body hair!

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  • So much body hair!

    I have dark hair on every single inch of my body. I have to bleach my facial hair, i'm not lucky enough to have peach fuzz. I pluck my eyebrows, wax my lips/moustache hair every other day, shave my arms, shave my legs, shave my stomach,underarm, shave my toes, my knuckles, and my hands.

    Yet I STILL have tons of hair. I still have pubes, hair all on my butt & buttcrack & anus. I also have very dark back hair. I can't wear tanktops ever because people still tease me.

    And i'm only 13. I'm exhuasted from all the shaving and bleaching and waxing I do everyday. But people won't shut up about my back & my pubes (I trim and shave the bikini line but you can still see them in my underwear)

    Now that it's getting hot (I live in california) I really want to be able to go to the pool with my friends but i'm so god ed hairy.

    I'd like to be able to wear thongs like my friends as well. My normal underwear always rises up and i'm always shifting around fixing my underwear and it's awkward and annoying. i'm very thin (fast metabolism) so I can only fit kiddy underwear but I really don't want to wear Dora The Explorer underwear....

    Yes I know i'm just 13 and since i'm not sexually active I shouldn't worry etc. etc. but I can't! People never shut up about my hairyness. I'm sick of never being able to go swimming.

    How can I get rid of my back & butt & pubic hair? I have so much of it. I can't go get a proffesional wax, I can't afford it! I go through a whole sally hansen microwave wax kit in like 3 days. And thats only for my mustache hair.

    I have tried to wax my pubes but for some reason it didn't work. The wax stuck onto my skin and it wouldn't come off in the shower. If I shave i'm going to be SO ITCHY. Plus it's a weird angle and I don't want to cut my self.

    I have tried nair on my back & arms but It didn't work and I had huge burns on my skin everywhere, it was .

    Sorry this question isn't organized at all i'm just so stressed about this I can't even think >

    The main question is: How can I get rid of all my hair faster? I can't afford laser or an epilator that's out of the question.

    also how can i get rid of my butt and back hair myself should I bleach? I can't reach down there very well so my back would be in patches , I can't afford a professional.

    Please help i'm really sick of all the pressure society puts on teens to be completely hairless.

  • 'Sup!

    I totally understand what you're going through. The pressure society puts on people to fit their definition of "pretty" is rather immense and it sorta kinda really sucks. For someone so young, it's a shame you've got to worry so much about your looks! But, pssh, I'm a year older than you and I've got to worry about the same things.

    I know it's embarrassing, but I'd suggest you talk to your mum about it. Chances are this is genetic and she'll know what to do. Make an appointment with your doctor, too! Just in case it's nothing too serious. You could ask for the birth control pill - it should stabilize your hormones which would help with excess hair growth and, if you've got it, acne.

    As for getting rid of the hair!

    The pubic hair I wouldn't worry all that much about - trim it, shave around the edges. If it comes to be too much of a problem, see if you can get a better angle. Shave out of the shower if you need to! Be sure to moisturize afterward and use a shaving cream for sensitive skin.

    Ugh... I used to use Nair a whilst back... The only reason I shave now is because it scares the living daylights out of me. **is a derp**

    How long did you put it on there for? That's probably why it ended up burning you! I wouldn't worry about shaving your arms, by the way. Arm hair is pretty normal and I'd be d**mned if everyone you knew shaved them. Arm pit hair is the equivalent of h**ll. If you've got the patience for it, you could pluck it. But I'd just shave it.

    I don't know about getting rid of your back and butt hair by yourself. Bleaching probably isn't going to help anything - it's still going to be there, just really light. I'd ask the 'rents whether or not they could let you get it professionally waxed. You could also see if you could get a back shaver mabober thing.


    • I have been there too!
      You just need to find your own way around it.
      I bought tanktop bikinis with hotpants like bottoms so you are covering more of your skin up without wearing a one piece!
      I always think that noticeable blonde hair is a lot better than noticeable black hair.
      I always dye my hair until it gets to a certain length and then wax it myself.
      You can go and get professionally waxed if you have the money.
      Or buy an epilator which saves money as does the same job!
      I have an olive type coloured skin and when i get a tan, you cant see the hair as much, well the hair doesnt appear as dark.

      When you are at home but lemon juice on your back hair and let the sun dye it. Or wax it yourself.
      Sometimes when i dont have money to spend on luxury stuff, i only shave the hair when i really need to. Like if im going swimming i will do it in the morning before i go, but if i am just going to work then i dont need to as no one will see the hair.

      My advice, is try not to shave the hair, it makes it sharper and the re-growth is itchy.
      But it is whatever works for you.
      TakeCare x


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