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Cold wax for underarms

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  • Cold wax for underarms

    Hi guys,
    I just recently tried waxing my underarms at home (I used to shave), and I bought a box of those pre-made wax strips from the drugstore. I followed all the directions as indicated on the box, but can't seem to pull any hair off (just a few)! Am I doing anything wrong? Has anybody had this problem before?

  • Advice from a male....

    Throw the strips in the trash. Yes, I wax parts of my body and the "best"/"easiest" home wax I've found is called GiGi Strip Free and can be found at your local Sally beauty supply. Stop by your local dollar store and purchase some "craft" sticks a/k/a popsicle sticks for applying the wax. Follow the directions in the package.

    The goal is to have the wax to be warm and thick like really thick molasses. Not hot and runny like honey. Apply it to the hair of your underarm (you have to allow the hair to grow long enough so the wax has something to adhere to), wait about two or three minutes, peel up one end, and in one quick motion rip it off (like you would a band-aid) in the opposite direction that your hair grows.

    My teen age daughter uses it for her underarms, upper lip and chin. She is very pleased with the outcome.

    I put "best" and "easiest" in quotes as I really have no idea what is best or easiest and it's just my opinion. I do know it works well for us.


    • Okay, to add to what the other guy said, those strips suck, because they will also rip off mor skin than hair. Like I found out. ON MY LIP. Then I had to go to school with a scabby lip, so go with the reccommended wax, that should work out the best. Strips suck.



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