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Lower back hair

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  • Lower back hair

    I'm not sure if its something I should have looked at by a doctor, and have the necessary tests done to make sure its not hormonal or a sign of something else wrong with my body, but I have fine hair on my lower back. Its not noticeable really because in most lighting it appears to be blonde, or not even there at all, but i can feel it, and because i am obsessed about it now, I took a mirror into my backyard, examined it in different lighting, and in certain light, it was dark brown, although still fine. My mother is part Italian, so i figured it might just be genetics, even though she doesn't have this hair,(she is virtually hairless!) but i'm not so sure about the rest of her family because i don't see my mother's sisters often. I dont have thick hair on my legs, and my underarm hair and pubic hair is light brown and there's not alot of it, so I don't understand why i have this hair on my lower back. Is there a medical reason for hair to change color? WHY, WHY! does it look non-existent, then blonde, then dark in different lighting!? Isn't vellus hair totally un-pigmented?

    And how do i remove this hair?- if its already blonde, whats the point of bleaching? On the other hand its the fact that it can appear dark that has me concerned.

    I probably sound ridiculous, I'm supposed to be 20 years old and not stressing about such things, but if anyone has the same problem, or knows what i'm talking about, can help, it'd be much appreciated, i need some peace of mind. Thanks!

  • Omg I Know

    Omg I Know Exactly What You Mean... I Feel Really Conciouse Of Mine Tho. And I Dont Know Wether Guys Get Creeped/Grossed Out By It Either??
    Please Help!


    • I registered just to say this.. I'm male and I see girls from time to time that have lower-back.. And trust me.. its not a pretty sight neither does any guy.. unless they have some kind of fetish for it.. It is really a turn-of.. And knowing that your Italian, you are probably gorgeous.. But that lower-back hair has to go. Wax it off, or NAIR


      • What about upper back hair ?


        • Unattractive.. Wax it off.. I'm a dude and I even do a full body wax twice a year


          • Another dude with an opinion... I find this an incredible turn on. I would just leave it be; most guys will be indifferent.


            • I haven't ever met a girl who didn't have lower back hair..you guys act like it's some uncommon thing...most of the time you can't even tell...


              • What do you do when you have hair all over your body?

                Even on stomach... the hair is visible, it's not light.

                But the hais are thinner so what would be the best hair removal method without it making you get bumps after rmeoving the hair there?


                • Almost everyone has hair on their bodies. When I was in my youth I recall I was really bothered by the hair on my arms. I thought it was dark, heavy and very noticable. I kept my arms covered for a while, tried shaving it, waxied it a couple times and then I guess I moved on to worrying about something else.

                  When I look at my arms now I realize that there isn't that much hair and it's far less noticable than what I see on many other women! Surely you've heard that saying, What you focus on expands? That isn't always that it physically increases but that it becomes more prominate in your mind!

                  The males that posted on here gave two widely varying views, one who doesn't like his own body hair, finds it a turn off, while another thinks it's hot! On some other threads the men have repeatedly stated that they find women's over concern with body "flaws" annoying and/or baffling. Just as they don't 'see' dirt, they don't see most of the 'flaws' we women do. If it really bothers you try a home wax, over time waxing will reduce the growth and you may get to a point that you are ok with what is still there. But don't get too worked up over it, it you feel beautiful, you are. Do you really want the kind of man who will look at who you are and all the good in you and then recoil because you've got a bit of hair on your back? That would be a pretty shallow relationship!


                  • Lol but it's noticeable that is why it is better to remove it but no idea what is the best way to?


                    • another guy here... had to register for this.

                      I'm dating a 23 year old girl who has a bit of hair on her lower back, a bit of hair around her stomach area and simply trims her pubes. Mind you it's not like she has a bush growing on her lower back, but there is definitely hair there and every time I run my hand across her lower back I can feel it. I find it unbelievably, incredibly, horribly disgusting. The weirdo who said he finds it to be a "turn on" is clearly either joking or has some kind of sick fetish. The mass majority of men these days prefer an entirely shaved vagina, but that doesn't mean there isn't a percentage of men (likely older men) who prefer a 70s era bush. The pubic area is something that I hope against, but can live with... the hair on the back and around the stomach ... just a massive turn off. I am pretty sure she's Italian as well. She also has fine hair strands growing around her anus region and that, as you can expect, is also a massive turnoff.

                      She was homeschooled as a kid/teen and then attended a Christian College when she was older. I wonder if this is the problem... maybe she was never around fellow girlfriends who could point out her need for a waxing. My problem now is that I don't know a gentle and sensitive way to suggest a massive hair removal. She's a sweet girl. I've dated many girls... and this is the first time I've grazed my hand down a lower back with mild fur. I told my best friend about this (he's 26) and he said to me, "I would have got up and left... that very second... that is so freakin sick". I'm not that crass, though.

                      For the love of god... remove it.


                      • Omg i know exaclty what you mean.

                        I also have the same problem, its so weird but you will be surprised how many women have this same problem they just use hair removal creams but i would advice to just have it waxed because this gets the hair from the root and will come back a lot finer. it will then become completely un noticeable. Its only hair at the end of the day so dont worry about it, its easily sorted out.



                        • I have fine hair across my lower back as well, and my boyfriend doesn't care. At first I was self conscious about it and did want him touching my bare back, but once he did and stated that "its fine, theres nothing wrong with you" it really hasn't bothered me.
                          .:. if nothing changed, we wouldn't have butterflies.:.


                          • I'm so thankful to know that I'm not the only girl out there with this issue. I've had this...issue, since I was fourteen or so, maybe sooner. I hadn't really noticed it until my Mom pointed it out when my shirt raised up when I bent down one day. And as the years have gone by, (I'm now eighteen), it's all I've noticed. It's dark and there's LOTS of it. I'm terrified to get close to a guy because of this. I hate having people touch me and it's causing my self esteem to be really low. I don't know if it's hormonal or something more serious than just hair, but I would really love it if I could just be more confident. Should I go see a doctor? Or simply get it waxed off?


                            • I've had a dark patch of hair on my lower back since...I was born pretty much. I've also got fine hair growth on my stomach. It wasn't as noticeable when my skin was darker, but I've spent years cultivating a paler skin tone, so it rather stands out. For me, it's definitely an ethnic thing. I have black hair, so my body hair shows up. Still, I've never had a problem with it. No man has ever walked out on me, or complained about it. Like many other things, some men find it sexy, some don't. I was self conscious about it when I was in my early teens, but now I can't bring myself to care. Why spend a ton of money trying to keep it smooth when most people don't care? My boyfriend certainly doesn't.

                              Your hair is probably just reflecting the light, or there are a few darker hairs mixed in. It's not something you need to see a doctor about. If it makes you uncomfortable, I'd suggest waxing.



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