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My tips for facial hair removal

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  • My tips for facial hair removal

    Hi ladies, this is my new post. And i feel so much better knowing that i am not he only women out their suffering with excessive body hair.
    Since i was little i have alway had hair. I was born with hair on my shoulders, which did fade and when i was 6 i can remember wanting my mum to buy me trackies for PE because i hated my hairy legs.

    I still deal with the whole removal side, i have come to learn that i am stuck with it but i have some tips!

    Getting rid of facial hair
    Because you hair to wait for the length of hair to be a certain length before you can wax it, i let my lip hair grow by bleaching it with Jolen hair lightener when it needs doing, and then waxing it when its a certain length.
    I wax the hair myself with Veet warm wax, and it doesn't hurt too much, it makes your eyes water under your nose, but its only painful for a second. Its not unbearable!

    Many of you might be thinking, why wax when you have bleached it?
    But if you have this experience, the bleach makes the hair a white colour and it becomes noticable when its long. You can get away with white lip hair for a while until it gets to a certain length which looks a bit weird.

    I thought i would share this, as i know a lot of women can not deal with letting the hair get to the ideal length before you wax it, and shave. This makes the hair sharp, and eventually you will see the hair at the root after you have shaved which will give you the appearence of a shadow.

    Hope this helps someone

  • Thanks for the tip. As you'll see here, lots of women having the hair issue. It's a frustrating reality for many. Thanks for sharing.
    "Be what you're looking for."


    • for facial hair, well i guess once you freak to remove it the more it will grow unwantedly. imo let it be it wont grow like a monster hair.


      • thanks you very much. can i use vaniqa?. Is it good?


        • Would it be a recommendation of getting a lazer treatment for facial hair removal? I have waxed my upper lip and if you can't afford, can't keep up with always going, it gets really thick. The best ones are the ones you do yourself. Yet again, miss a week anytime for the remainder of your life and you start looking like a man.Not trying to get all dismal but if your hair grows really fast waxing will make it thicker and more noticeable real quick. If your hair is light it might work for you and that would be great if it did. But me of Cherokee, Italian and Japanese bloodline, it doesnt work for me. Just curious.


          • Useful info. Thanks a lot, honey!


            • I've always waxed my eyebrows and upper lip but my problem is the hair on my legs and under my arms. They look like they need to be shaved even just a day after.. it grows so fast! Any recommendations?


              • I think laser hair removal is perfect solution to get rid of unwanted facial hairs. Because Laser hair removal is much faster,efficient and FDA approved.


                • I recently saw my dermatologist for a skin check. One of her interns (she's a teaching physician) told me that most over-the-counter skin care products do not work.

                  My advice is to have a dermatologist's examination. There might be prescription creams that will work.

                  Sadly, women are more self-conscious than necessary. While I do know that facial hair can compromise self-confidence -real men love confident women- it's not the end of the world. Men know that as women mature they will grow facial hair. I know of no man who's going to become annoyed were a woman forget to wax her upper lip or chin. I used to pluck my ex-girlfriend's hair for her where it grew where she didn't want it. I loved her just as much if she had missed a waxing appointment.

                  Living by the beach, during summers I see women virtually naked. I have never checked out a woman's legs to she if they're shaven. However, I have seen women who had very hairy legs and armpits. If they were good with not shaving, it was none of my business. However, were my girlfriend to not shave for a long time and hair on her legs and armpits grew to become very long, I might ask her whether she's going with a new fashion statement with the subtle hint of getting out her razor. Since I have never asked a woman to shave anything because I'm old school and believe men don't tell women how to take care of their personal grooming habits, I'd have to accept her grooming decisions. I know that while I do not prefer hairy legs and armpits -not to be confused with stubble- I would not terminate a relationship with a woman I deeply care about and/or love because she didn't shave. I would hope, though, that she'd change her mind.

                  I have gone wilderness camping with women where it was impossible for them to shave for a week or longer. So what? I sure as hell knew they weren't going to shave many miles from nowhere. And when a smelly man and smelly woman can share a sleeping bag together, there isn't much they cannot overcome.

                  Mature men know that we're all human. Men ought to treat women with respect. Were I to meet a woman with pronounced facial hair, I treat her like a princess. I'm sure that she'd be self-conscious about it. Who knows, she might be the woman of my dreams. And I'd be a fool to not get to know her and help her overcome her "problem" with facial hair. I'm sure that a dermatologist appointment would cure what she believes bothers her.

                  When I first began dating my former long-term g/f, she was always shaven. She even shaved her butt. After she became comfortable with me, we'd have intimacy even when she hadn't shaved in a while. She knew that I was in love with her & wasn't going to judge her if she had hair on her upper lip and chin. She has a very hectic life. While she showers every day, she didn't always have time to shave, and I completely understood. During months other than summer she'd go long periods of time without shaving her bikini line. I didn't care because I was in love with her. Finally she stopped shaving her butt. I was elated because I felt very happy that she was completely comfortable with me knowing that I'd never judge her for trivial things.

                  My point is to not despair because of facial hair or hair that grows anywhere on your body. I'm confident that dermatologists & endocrinologists can fix it. And a man who loves you will understand and help you. Also, as my dermatologist told me, be skeptical of over-the-counter remedies. There's an old fisherman saying that fishing tackle is marketed to catch fishermen, not fish. I you're going the laser route, get a dermatologist's opinion prior. There might be a less expensive and less painful route to the same destination.


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