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hair removal cream for pubic area

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  • hair removal cream for pubic area

    This is embarssing but here it goes.
    I'm looking for hair removeal cream for down there. I tried shaving but that just doesn't work. I can't go to a professonal cause i live in a small place and there's nothing like that around here. So is there anything to get rid of the hair down there completely?

    I'm asking because i really want to get rid of the hair down there and there's this guy i'm sorta of with (we're online dating/in a long distance relationship) and he wants me shaven down there when we meet up.

    So is there anything to get rid of the hair completely down there? I'm not doing it for him i'm doing it because i WANT to do it.

  • You can't use depilatory creams in the genital area.If it gets on the mucosa membrane it will hurt like ********. Your only options are, trimming the hair, waxing it, or electrolysis. That's it! Threes no other way. Oh yeah, forget about that **intimate shaver** type of thing. It does cause ingrown hairs in a big way. There used to be another product called Lady Shaver or something close to that name.They took it off the market because it was causing so many problems. It basically yanked out the hairs, much like tweezing but it took out lots of hairs at one time. So,, trim it, wax it, or electrolysis. That's it, that's all......

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    • Pretty much it...waxing is no picnic but it leaves the area smooth and lasts longer plus it is less likely to encourage ingrown hairs. Electrolysis is a great idea but stupid expensive... Good luck


      • Sounds like you will need to drive to a bigger city than you live in to get the results you seek.

        A full brazilian wax will probably give you the results you desire. Painful? Yes. Results? Like no other method.


        • Relay pretty but waxing arises soft,smooth,and last longer plus ,and even dont use depilatory creams in the genital area....!


          • Wax is the only solution of this problem. If you want that when your guy see you must be having shaved pubic area, then wax before you meet him. You cannot control the growth of pubic hair so, wax them as you need to remove them. I do not go salon as I'm very shy kind of girl, my guy wax my pubic and my butt hair and we really enjoy doing that as it keeps me away from pain.


            • Thanks guys I completely forgot about this question lol so since hair removeal cream is out of the question then i must ask how can i shave down there without cutting myself etc etc is there any tips?


              • Shaving with the grain helps quite a bit. Shaving daily will help with the smoothness, too.

                Also, there's a method called "sugaring" that's water and sugar heated together. The forum where I got the recipe is down right now, but I love the method. I'm usually just too lazy to make the mixture.


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