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Hair Everywhere! :/

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  • Hair Everywhere! :/

    Okay so I'm 16 and I have hair on my stomach, back, and breasts. I understand that little black hairs around your nipples is normal, I just pluck those, but I also have light baby hairs on the rest of my boobs and between them on my chest and there's kind of a lot..is this normal? What can I do besides shaving? Is there anyway to completely get rid of the hairs? I've already shaved my stomach which was a stupid idea because now I'm going to be shaving it for the rest of my life, I shave it every time I take a shower. I also have hair on my butt but I shaved that as well along with my lower back..is it normal for girls to have hair in these places? Like I know people have hair all over their bodies, but this makes me feel really insecure. I also was getting hormone injections in my butt when I was younger for precocious puberty..could this have caused hair growth there? And if so, is there anyway to permanently get rid of the hair? I already talked to my doctor about it and she drew blood to test my hormone levels, but I haven't gotten the results yet. Does anybody else have these problems??

  • Hello, I have similar problems with hair growth.
    If you type into google recipes for the Sugaring technique you can make your own wax like substance which does reduce the amount of hair that grows over time.
    It takes time to notice the results but it does work without any side affects as the wax is made up of water, lemon juice and sugar.
    Simple to make and a natural way to thin the hair that grow.

    Each person is different and will grow hair in different places. I know it's awkward and can make you self concious but don't let the self doubt change who you are. My confidence was really low because of excess hair.

    Hope this helped, good luck.


    • If you are worried that guys will dislike all the hair, don't be so worried. Some guys will dislike it, but other guys will be turned on by it.
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      Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot?

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      • So like I just wax it off and the hair that grows back each time will lessen? I'll try it, thanks .


        • I'm 19 and I have the exact same problem. For me I get extremely self concious because I have such pale white skin but with annoying dark thick hair.. so for me its horribly hard to try and cover up or hide different areas, I've already given up on my arms which are hairier than alot of my guy friends...
          However the one thing I've noticed is that I've had a few different partners and none of them were phazed by it. To keep my legs smooth I have to shave everyday which is tedious as , and when I sleep over at my fellas place I don't always get the chance to and then I have to do the cringe-worthy thing of jumping into bed with him with itchy stubbly legs!! But you know what, he hasn't run a million miles in the opposite direction yet, so apparently it's not as unattractive as we think when we stress over it.


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