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Facial Hair..

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  • Facial Hair..

    I just turned 25 and suddenly I have alot of facial hair...I always had a bit on my upper lip, but now it's on my cheeks, chin, neck! Very awkward I feel embarrased to wear my hair up as my 6 year old son says "mom your hairy"! It's pretty blonde and fine but what is the best way to remove it for good! I am so embarassed to go out in public! Can anything help...besides bleaching and creams...has anyone heard of Finally free hair removal? does anyone know if it really works?
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  • facial hair

    What ever you don't shave it you will make it worse

    Electrolisis or laser. this can be expensive as you have to go back for more treatment.Last time i had Electrolisis it cost me ?20 for 20 min and she had only done a small area on my face.

    Waxing will keep hair away for up to six weeks and will eventually become softer.Has i'm under the doctors for Hormone imbalance they have given me a cream called VANIQA and if you read my Facial hair thread it will tell you more.

    I asked little nephew for a hug he said no i might get a beard,

    Can i ask you if you have had any blood test to see what maybe causing hair to grow?



    • Hair Removal

      Ive read in some books that , in adolscence age if u find more facial hair, it could be due to polysistic overy. It shows increase in male harmones and the symptoms are facial hair and strong hair growth in legs n arms etc. Polysistic overy can be diagnosed by an ultrasound during the periods


      • facial hair

        I have had blood tests that say i haven't got polysitic ovaries i'm not making enough insulin and blood tests say that i'm not diabetic.



        • Laser!

          Hi ladies !

          I have the same problem. I couldnt stand the hair on my jaw line, chin and neck,, esp the neck ! I am doing laser treatment now,, ive done two and Im pretty happy with it. Just that it cost a lot and its time consuming. But I guess if we want to get it removed safetly and permenantly, this is wat we have to do..


          • No I never had a doctor check for blood tests...it's more like alot of long peach fuzz...but ALOT and very noticable! I hate it! Like my cheek hairs are like1 centameter long!
            I waxed my face but 2 days later it feels like sand paper, I cried for hours and im SO afraid that it might come back in thicker or more hair...I hope not! I checked into laser but I have heard alot of really bad things and it doesent really work on blonde hairs!, although mine are blond and dark as I am dark haired....how much facial hair is normal? I mean you see all these wemon around with no or next to no hair on there bodies...unfair! I even started growing fine dark hair all over my breasts...ewww
            My nose even got fuzzy, my forehead! I SO freaked out!
            IS waxing ok or is it going to make more hair grow? Any suggestions?
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            • how to remove hair

              Hi..I'm an Esthetician who has polysitic ovaries, and like everyone who suffers from this i to have facial hair and hair were it just shouldn't be. Working in this field i have tried everything, I've waxed..no good doesn't really get rid of the hair and leaves you with bumps and some in growns, Lazer makes it worse..because it is harmonal it won't work it causes more hair growth (learned that one the had way)..Now heres some good news!!!Electrolisis works, it kills the hair growth..but takes time and not a hole lot of money but enough. There is some pain but nothing you can't handle. What ever you do DON"T SHAVE!!


              • Laser

                I have never done any blood test to check for mine. But i did have a little bit more than normal facial hair and around my neck. It bothered me and Im currently doing laser. IPL laser treatment. I have gone for 4 sessions it has reduced a lot.Especially around my jaw line. They say the finer the hair the longer it takes. My hair on the neck is still there but reduced. My doc told me its safe and permenent. I hope i dnt have any ovary problems. Pray for me. Some ppl are blessed with nice hairless skin, im pretty sure we are blessed in many other ways which other ppl arent. So cheer up ladies


                • I know

                  I've have had hair growing since I was 9. mom my told me hairy leys are sexy. well guess what someone lied to her, in no way is it sexy. and the hair on my face is getting worst and I waxed it but I got a rasberry, ouch! I mite give it a try again. some thing must be done. I'm getting married soon and I don't want him to know how bad it is, so I'm going to try to take care of this soon. gald I'm not the only one.


                  • Same boat

                    Im getting married soon too dear. But i told my fiance im going for laser, and he is super cool with it, tou ke keeps telling me i dnt need it. He just told me to do whatever that makes me happy. U shld open up to ur fiance too.. Im sure he will love u more for telling him this.


                    • I am 24 years old and i have been diagnosed with polysictic ovaries. I have tried everything to get rid of unwanted body hair but it seems that nothing really works. I am on my 4th treatment of laser hair removal and i am just crossing my fingers hopping that this will work. I got married last year and my husband is very excepting of my condition, he goes to all of my appointments with me and even when i was too embarrassed to walk into the waxing parlor infront of all of the other women, he went in with me...i think you should open up to your finace about everything if he loves you he willl accept it. laser will also take time to have a lasting effect so it is best you get everything out in the open..................wow i thought i was the only women with this problem for a long time...it feels great to talk to other women who can actually relate.


                      • Originally posted by ZaraNaaz View Post
                        Im getting married soon too dear. But i told my fiance im going for laser, and he is super cool with it, tou ke keeps telling me i dnt need it. He just told me to do whatever that makes me happy. U shld open up to ur fiance too.. Im sure he will love u more for telling him this.

                        Thank you for your response about being honest with your fiance. I have been wondering about sharing my own challenges with facial hair with my significant other and really felt like avoiding the whole thing. But marriage is for better or for worse, and honesty is something I value. Thanks for your advice.


                        • Me Too!!!!!!!

                          Originally posted by Jazza View Post
                          No I never had a doctor check for blood tests...it's more like alot of long peach fuzz...but ALOT and very noticable! I hate it! Like my cheek hairs are like1 centameter long!
                          I have the exact same problem! it never bothered me until my "friend" pretty much said i had a beard... I dont know what to do, i trimmed it with scissors but i dont like the way it feels. no i am considering electrolysis but how much would it cost to get this done? has anyone tried anything else and it work?


                          • Facial hair and weight?

                            Hi Ladies!
                            I'm almost 25 years of age and I also have problems with facial hair. I've been noticing it for the last few years.

                            I've had blood tests and have been told my hormone levels are ok. I am however morbidly obese and have been simply told that this is causing my hair.

                            Can anyone verify that this is correct? Ive never heard of anyone getting facial hair due to being overweight. I also have not had a period for several years (also attributed to my weight).

                            Does this sound right? Whenever I talk to my GPs i get the distinct impression of being 'fobbed off'.


                            • Hi Everyone,

                              I found this site yesterday and read all the posts in seach of answers for my embarsing hair problem. In reading I saw no mention of threading, which I have recently been doing and have found to be as efective as waxing, so far. My hair grows pretty fast, I was waxing about twice a month and I assume threading will be the same. I think the benifit of threading is that it does not redden the skin or seem to iritate it in the slightest, you feel in for about a minute and then thats it. Have any of you tried threading, and if so how did it work out for you? Also, have you heard of this device (epicare or bellabe) which allows you to thread it yourself? I am thinking of purchasing one but wonder if it really works and if it hurts?

                              Also, do any of you know why when I pluck my chin hair with tweezers it grows back within just two days? does it not pull it at the root like waxing does or is it just that certain hairs grow faster? I have tried waxing waxing my chin before but I dont recomend this as I found it does come back thicker and darker, plus I can never get the thickest most embarasing ones because I just can't let them grow in.


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