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How can I stop razor burn?

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  • How can I stop razor burn?

    I shave on a regular basis. I have a healthy sex life and my boyfriend would rather my southern region be shaved. It is always good the first day or so then it gets red and bumpy and starts to itch really bad. I have tried everything I can think of. Any suggestions? I can't take the itch anymore!!
    Kaylie Claire<3

  • Electric shaver or waxing. A lot of girls are getting it lazar hair removal at the moment, which long term seems to be a viable alternative.
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    • I've heard that witch hazel helps stop the itching and red bumps. I've also heard that using deodorant there helps too; I have tried it once so far and it seemed to have much lessened the reaction. Also try not to wear super tight clothes down there for a while after you shave. The pressure and chafing will irritate the the skin even more. I think there's also several cream products that you can find at pharmacies and Walmart.
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      • Sometimes just Googling the Subject comes up with some Good Advise, Here's one I found.

        Women shaving their pubic hair is different than using the razor on legs or underarms. You need a bit more patience and care because of this sensitive zone and thicker hair type. While you might be able to get away with a 'hurry up and get it done job' with other areas, but not this one. Here we will show you how to get a close, safe shave while avoiding common problems like nicks and ingrown hairs.

        Difficulty: Easy

        Time Required: 1/2 hour for women shaving their pubic hair

        Here's How:

        Choose your shaving cream wisely. For this sensitive body zone be sure to get and use a good shaving cream or gel, using soap is definitely out. The Art of Shaving, Unscented Shaving Cream is phenomenal for getting a smooth shave, moisturizing skin and preventing ingrown hairs.

        Don’t skimp on your razor. Stay clear of the straight, cheap disposables or you'll be asking for cuts and nicks. Instead use a razor with a pivoting head and multiple blades to give you a smooth, close shave. My pick Schick Quattro for women .

        Give a haircut. Trim hair down first as short as possible by placing comb flat on the skin and trim over comb with scissors, or with clippers using the shortest guard. The less hair you start out with means less use of your razor.

        Take a warm shower or bath. At least 5-10 minutes of the heat will soften skin and relax the hair follicle.

        Exfoliate. Rid dead skin cells and provide a closer shave by using a mild exfoliator or your favorite body wash with an Ayate washcloth on your pubic area.

        Dab on some shaving oil. Working as a barrier on your skin, the razor will glide easier instead of dragging and moisturize skin. It also helps prevent razor burn, general irritation and ingrown hairs.

        Apply shaving cream or gel. Make sure skin is damp but not overly wet. If you have a shaving brush, work the product with the brush in circles to help lift hair and get a closer shave.

        Shave. Using a fresh blade, first go in the same direction of hair growth and then in opposite direction. Don't go over the same area too many times.

        Rinse. In between strokes, be sure to rinse blade. A clogged razor won’t work well.

        Cleanse. Rinse pubic area and pat dry with towel.

        Moisturize. Apply a light, preferably unscented lotion.

        Fight redness. There's a tendency for getting ingrown hairs. Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum can help with bumps, redness and ingrown hairs.


        Keep all products on the outside of your body only. And avoid shaving during your period, as skin is more sensitive.
        If you are taking off most of your hair, a vaginal shield, the Va j-j Visor will offer you protection so you don't cut your inner vulva. Using a small mirror will also help you see better.
        Shaving while taking a shower, rather than a bath can make things easier because you can prop up legs on side of stall.
        If you're daring, you can create pubic hair designs at home.
        Shaving only takes hair even with the skin, waxing will keep hair away weeks at a time. You may want to consider a Brazilian wax.

        What You Need

        Comb and scissors or clippers
        New pivoting razor with multiple blades
        Shaving cream or gel
        Shaving oil
        Shaving brush (optional)
        Cortizone cream if pubic area starts getting itchy
        Light, unscented moisturizer


        • thank you. this all sounds very helpful
          Kaylie Claire<3


          • Kaylie, I am an esthetician and I wax people everyday. Waxing and basically any other method of hair removal (besides shaving) will leave you with smooth skin and no razor burn! Sure, waxing does hurt but the pain is very quick (lasts about 5 seconds) and the whole process can take only 15-20 minutes. Removing the hair by the root decreases the irritation on the surface of the skin so you will not end up will itchy red bumps on the bikini area. Give waxing a try, it's not too expensive and you will be hair free for weeks!!



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