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Warning:nair hair remover

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  • Warning:nair hair remover

    I hope everyone is having a goood morning. As for me , I have been misable for the last three weeks, it started the day I used Nair Hair
    Remover on my eye brows. Instant burn and off to the doctors office (1st visit). Given cream for burn and painkillers.
    By that afternoon I had a burning rash all over my face with blisters Discontinued use of cream.
    This has been over three weeks ago. I notified Nair, was told their product is not obsorb into the skin and was given a case number.
    From the first day of the nair burn I have had blisters, skin peeling and very burning skin.
    I have been tested for imfintago and merca , both negitive. Doc seems to think it was from the nair but has no solution. I have looked up other horror stories on the internet about this product. If you choose to use it.......BE CAREFUL!
    bet clift

  • I have never had a problem with Nair products before.

    However, I've also never put them on my face.


    • WARNING.
      Use Nair products only where they are intended. There are special formulas for your face, bikini line and other sensitive areas, and these products should be the only ones used in those places. Do not use the Nair product intended for use on your legs and underarms anywhere but those places, because it can cause irritation.
      Most Companies will have a huge WARNING sign on their sites, on their products regarding instructions of use and or product allergies. Some will even have advice on what to do if burning occurs.

      You don't state you used the Nair product for the face, as KM's thoughts are, mine are the same, perhaps you used the wrong product.

      Be careful to always read the WARNINGS of any product you use, that has chemicals in it.


      • I made the mistake once of using Nair in places you weren't supposed to. It worked just fine on my legs, but I got a little too close on the bikini area, and BOY did it hurt! I learned to take their warnings VERY seriously after that!


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