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my embarrassing problem.

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  • my embarrassing problem.

    hello ladies. i'll cut to the chase. i have been having electrolysis done on my face (upper lip & chin), and now i'm left with grossly visible pores on my upper lip so it looks as if i've shaved and it's something that bothers me DAILY. i've used certain pore minimizing make up products and while that does seem to help for a bit, the make up usually sets in which makes my upper lip area look even worse. i'm at my wits end because this is something i can no longer tolerate. i'm looking into microdermabrasion before i try anything drastic (such as laser resurfacing). does anyone have any advice for me? anyone that has tried mircrodermabrasion or any laser resurfacing procedure? any all all advice would be very much appreciated! thanks so much.

  • I haven't had too many problems with big pores, but I've known people who have (from waxing) and I think it was caused by dirt getting into the empty hair folicles and clogging them up. Exfoliate with a facial cleanser or mild soap (no harsh soaps, those just dry your skin out, then your pores will work overtime to produce more oil and they'll clog up again.) Creams with vitamin A should help keep pores clean and reduce the size. Try to avoid using makeup on the area for a little while to give it a chance to breathe, and let the natural oils work normally. Pores generally shrink to a normal size after blockage has been cleared.

    I wish I could help, but haven't had electrolysis or a very similar problem. Good luck!
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