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Electrolysis, does it ever end?

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  • Electrolysis, does it ever end?

    Just wanting to get other people views and experiences. I've been getting electrolysis on my upper lip for at least 4 years now.
    Started out with weekly sessions, then after not too long week to 3 weekly now, and for a long time, I go for a 15 min session every 4 weeks when I get my eyebrows waxed.
    I really like my beautician, and it looks better, though it really wasn't so bad to start with, but there seems to be no end in sight... If I'd known 4 (if not 5+) years when I started I would still be going, I would never have started.
    I mentioned laser to her a couple if years back when she started doing it that now my hair was so light it wouldn't work.
    Is this ever going to end???

  • With all the money you are spending on your Beautician, maybe make a visit with a Dermatologist . They may be able to recommend an OTC cream or process or even a Prescription ?


    • I had same problem in my chin and I was fed up, felt robbed. I was recommended to use IPL because it works with hairs that are not so thick. I had several sessions in depicool near Liverpool Street and having a chat with therapist about this problem with electric hair removal (at least I went for electrolysis only during one year) and she told me it is difficult to find a good professional for electrolysis and there is a risk of scarring, she also mentioned that maybe it was a hormonal problem, but after 4 sessions I saw more results than in 1 year in the previous salon. I would recommend you to try IPL and check the hormonal imbalance just in case. I also tried fat reduction, and was great. Gonna make a comment now in the weight loss. Good luck


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