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Bikini hair removal help!

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  • Bikini hair removal help!

    I want to keep it shaved down there but every time I do or even trim it short it gets really really itchy. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

  • Something other than shaving...

    Shaving by nature of the activity irritates the skin so try something else, like getting it waxed.

    It'll sting for a few moments when you get it done but after it's over it will remain smooth for quite a while.

    My SO took me with her (once) and asked me to have my area waxed (once) too.

    For all of you men out there who simply expect your SO to have regular Brazillian's...may I suggest you have some waxing done of your own so you can appreciate what they go through.


    • It'll sting for a few moments when you get it done but after it's over it will remain smooth for quite a while.


      • Professional waxing too much $$$ for your budget? Some other thoughts...

        1. Use a new and sharp razor.
        2. Soak in a bath tub ful of water as warm as you can stand...very relaxing.
        3. Use a shaving product for sensitive skin...perhaps even a cream shave. A gel product at minimum.
        4. Rub it into the areas to be shaved like you're rubbing in lotion.
        5. Shave in the direction that your hair grows or "with the grain".
        6. If you need to re-shave an area, re-apply the cream shave first (as above).
        7. Rinse off with the same very warm water.
        8. Rub in a quality skin conditioner where you have just shaved.

        Razor tips:
        1. "Pat dry" into your towel.
        2. Direct your blow dryer, on the hottest setting, to the razor and count to twenty (at least).
        The goal is to get the blades and "glide strip" completely dry.
        3. Snap the little plastic blade protector back onto the blade after you have dried it off.
        4. Keep in a drawer or cupboard where humidity and other moisture can't get to it.

        Razors don't get dull they get rust and that's what causes them to drag or snag and make for an uncomfortable shaving experience.


        • Shaving by nature of the activity irritates the skin so try something else,


          • The hair grown thicker and more uncomfortable after shaving to I don't really suggest it. Get a professional do it. Brazillian waxing is really hygienic.


            • Girl, I feel your pain...Im gonna post some things from a site I found, hope they help:

              Behind the Burn
              Razor burn occurs because your skin is irritated during the shaving process. Common causes are: Soap or shaving cream aggravating your skin. Not using a product to help the razor glide over the skin’s surface. A dull razor. Pressing too hard.


              • Use some kind of tea tree product, it's great for after any sort of hair removal. It also helps to prevent ingrown hairs.


                • I started getting laser treatments for my bikini line (plus some) and I cannot express to you how much it's changed my life. I had coarse hair that I HATED dealing with - even if I shaved with the best razors and best creams I would still get ingrowns and bumps. I came across a deal on groupon for laser hair removal and it is the best decision I've ever made regarding hair removal. You should do your research on the esthetician you are dealing with, but if you want a permanent hair solution, laser is the way to go.


                  • Use the pat dry technique.


                    • You can try laser hair removal.If you do the therapy from the right place you can get impressive results.


                      • Hey Billiebbj,

                        I was in the same situation! Shaving made me so itchy, I really couldn't stand it anymore. It didn't seem worth it. So I started waxing, and to be honest, I had an allergic reaction the first few times, then finally found a lady who was very gentle and used all organic and natural products and it really helped! It's pretty expensive to keep getting it done, but with waxing the hair seems to grow back lighter and softer (with baby hair tips) so I starting liking having hair down there more, in general!

                        I also also keep the area very moisturized, with natural lotion. I do it every day all over my body actually.

                        And also, the type of underwear made a difference for me too. Really tight cotton boy shorts made my hair poke back at me, and actually lace thongs gave me much more freedom. :P

                        Hope this helps!


                        • I will never shave or get waxed again. I shaved it when I was in high school and it itched so much I was constantly embarrassing myself by scratching for 2 weeks.

                          When my sister talked me into getting it waxed at a salon, it hurt so much I almost decked the poor girl that was doing it. I left there with one side waxed and that side started itching a few days later although not as bad as with shaving.

                          Now I leave it like nature made it. My husband don't complain and nobody else is likely to see it. If hubby did complain I would get it waxed, right after he got his waxed (not likely).
                          Not thinking about anything is Zen. Once you know this, walking, sitting, or lying down, everything you do is Zen.
                          ― Bodhidharma


                          • That is why laser technique is now gaining a lot of popularity.First of all it does not make you uncomfortable because the method is quick and does not have any ill side-effects.


                            • My ex-girlfriend rarely shaved her bikini line except during summer months. It never once bothered me because I was in love with her.

                              My suggestion is to not wear a bikini until you have a dematologist examine you and prescribe a suitable procedure for you.


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