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remove upperlip hair

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  • remove upperlip hair

    hey girls

    ok i have dark brown hair and what i want to know is what is the safest way to get rid of upper lip hair, i look awful and i dont feel very pretty or sexy (if you get what i mean)

    and also pubic hair any good suggestions??
    j.cutting :-) <3

  • I wax. I used to bleach but I heard its not good for your skin. So now I get it waxed. Just go to the salon and they do a really nice job. Don't try doing it yourself because that really hurts.
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    • hair removal treatment

      A laser beam is used on the skin, focusing on the area of hair growth. The **follicles beneath the skin surface are destroyed, stopping hair from **growing.


      • I used to wax the upper lip but my skin kept breaking out. I just tried threading the other day and no issues so far.


        • I've been using Sally Hansen wax strip kit since I was 15 and it is the best. Inexpensive, minimal pain, effective. A little bit of advice: Do not use it before any major life event (like a first date) your upper lip WILL be red for several hours. Good news is, you'll be hair free for a few weeks, and the ritual gets easier the more you do it.


          • Get a tweezer and pluck the hair. Its easy and not expensive. I have been doing it for past 7 years.


            • If your skin becomes red apply some aloe vera gel or simply apply some milk cream and wash it off.


              • I've been waxing lately, and it actually doesn't really hurt. The biggest problem is trying to keep my skin taut, because you have to pull upwards, so a professional wax might do a better job, but waxing at home is so convenient. I still haven't perfected it and generally end up going back over a few times, but I really haven't had an issue with redness or breakouts. Since your pores are open after waxing or tweezing, it's a good idea to wash thoroughly with cold water afterwards. I've gotten a couple pimples on my upper lip since waxing, but nothing too bad. I find the hair is getting easier and easier to pull out each time.

                I've never used conventional wax though, I use sugar wax, which is great because it isn't hut, just warm. It's not great at grabbing the shorter hairs, though.


                • I suggest you to have laser hair removal.It is quite safe and fast.If you do it from the right place it can provide you a long term solution.


                  • You should try Silkn Flash n Go. It is a great hair removal product you use at home that you can use on your face. It is great and really works! Look at silkn.com and silknscoop.com even has a promo right now that you can enter to win one for free!!


                    • I shave. Quickest way for me. Waxing hurts and Im a big baby. I am considering buying that NoNo product for removal. Any thoughts?


                      • **carlee07
                        I have one question about this 'Silkn Flash n Go'.Does it give a long time solution or not?If it is a short term solution then I think laser hair removal is a better option.


                        • I think surgery is the best option to remove the hair from upperlip area.


                          • Try Sally Hansen hair removal cream! I've been using that for years. It's not waxing, so it doesn't hurt. All you do is put the cream on your upper lip, wait 10 minutes, and wash it off. It dissolves the hairs. Sometimes you have to repeat the next day for the best effect, but it's worth it!


                            • I've been waxing it for quite a while now. I used to shave it but it was growing really fast and I couldn't feel comfortable with it. I was always worried that my hair would be noticeable and such things were going through my head. Waxing is really quick and if you do it right it shouldn't hurt too much. Careful not to catch your lip and rip it off in the process, haha.


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