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remove upperlip hair

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  • Yup, I also agree with laser removal, shaving isn't an option, it will only make things worse, or you can try some of the natural products, the web is full of it.


    • If you're considering other options like waxing, laser, creams etc. then they will have either long term or short term side effects. Your best bet is threading ; less painful and it also doesn't leave any red marks.


      • Waxing is the best option. If you get allergy use anti-allergy waxing stripes. And do not forget to apply a layer of calming cream over it.
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        • why don't you try Sally Hansen

          They have products especially made to remove or at least hide
          those unwanted hairs...
          I don't think it costs much..


          • What works for me...

            I've tried quite a few different hair removal products/techniques and this one has worked by far the best for me:

            (Link edited)

            I've been using it for a few months and have found it to be easy and effective for me. I have used it all over my face, with great care avoiding eyebrows and eyelashes. I adjusted quickly to the initial stinging and it hasn't left any irritation on my sensitive skin. I like that I can use it as often as I like and after a few times of use, it seems some of the hair hasn't grown back. I focus mostly on my upper and lower lips, and use tweezers for the more stubborn ones that are thick and deep.

            My hair is dark. I've used bleaching creams that weren't effective for very long, plus were irritating to my skin. I also tried waxing which caused redness, dryness, irritation and pimples. I resolved to tweezing but I have too much facial hair to tweeze every one. This facial hair remover has been a blessing to my rather simple primping routine. That routine is especially simple now!

            I chose this facial hair remover after reading some rather concerning reviews on other forms of hair removal. I was skeptical of it because it seemed too good to be true, yet figured I had nothing to lose considering the price.

            I don't usually write lengthy comments like this, but if this can be of help to one woman it will have been worth it. I know there are other women like myself who don't go to spas or spent much time in salons or reading beauty magazines to learn what tools and techniques are available, yet we also desire to look as attractive as we can.

            Originally posted by jeanette123 View Post
            hey girls

            ok i have dark brown hair and what i want to know is what is the safest way to get rid of upper lip hair, i look awful and i dont feel very pretty or sexy (if you get what i mean)

            and also pubic hair any good suggestions??
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