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Removing extremely coarse/thick hair (Once more with feeling!)

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  • Removing extremely coarse/thick hair (Once more with feeling!)

    Greetings fellow forum members!

    This has probably been discussed a number of times, but I'd like to share my own version of the plight and get your opinions on the matter. Be forewarned - I get wordy when frustrated.

    Like many dark haired girls, I have very dark hair. In addition the hair on my legs and pubic region is particularly coarse and thick. I haven't had it confirmed by a dermatologist, but I've also noticed what appears to be pili mulitgemini (multiple hairs from one follicle) a fair amount in the pubic region and in places on the legs.

    I have tried a number of means to get that nice, smooth feeling when I shave. To date, the only thing that works is (maybe) only shaving twice a month - to let the hair grow out until it is rather long before shaving. This is just not acceptable; the feeling of 'smooth skin' only lasts for a few hours, and I feel stubble the very next day. Only 8-10 hours of smooth skin a month is just not going to cut it.

    I've researched this problem more than I care to admit. As it stands, I get the best result with using men's razors. Both extremely expensive and cheap feminine razors alike do the same for my skin type. The problem is that even with a heavy duty men's razor, I get tons of nicks if I shave even once every week (guaranteed if I shave more frequently than that).

    I exfoliate everything every time I take a shower, and when I do shave I use a brand new razor and use sensitive skin, moisturizing shaving cream. I shave at the end of my shower so that the hot water has time to open pores and soften skin/hair. I let the moisturizing cream sit on my legs for a good few minutes before even attempting to shave. I take my time and I clean out the razor after every stroke (or every other stroke). Yet with all that I can literally feel the hair being pulled by the brand new razor blades, and I bleed every time it happens. I rinse with cool water to help close the pores and minimize the bleeding, but that does minimal good. In the end (after the bleeding stops), I moisturize all over. I also moisturize nearly every day in between. I'll get several ingrown hairs along my bikini line during that time period (I use a water based moisturizer). Yet it is always like this unless I go a significant time without shaving.

    I have tried a few different methods. Shaving with the grain only or first before shaving normally does nothing. The hair is so thick and coarse that going the same direction makes no difference. It just takes up more time and it is the exact same as above.

    Waxing does not work well for me for a number of reasons. One is the pain, which regardless of what people have said I have NOT gotten use to. The main reason though is that I bleed from it. Yes, bleed - the pulled hairs from the roots bleed. I do not wax my eyebrows either. I have to pluck them because waxing them, even by a professional, will result in them bleeding and forming really bad ingrown hairs and acne from pulling oil to the top.

    I have tried Veet and Nair and other hair removal creams. Even with the sensitive skin versions, leaving them on the suggested time does very little in actually removing the hair. Leaving it on longer results in a lot of irritation and burning sensation in addition to not much hair removal.

    I bought one of those No-Nos for Christmas, as it was recommended to be excellent for women like me (pale, sensitive skin, dark/coarse hair). My entire apartment smelled like burnt hair, and it didn't get half of what was on my legs. It also took forever - it said to go over a single area no more than four times, but I'd often have to go over 6-7 times just to get most in a region.

    I've not tried epilating due to the amount of pain it typically causes. I've also not tried electrolysis or laser hair removal as they are too expensive.

    Any and all thoughts would be appreciated, ladies. I feel doomed to a life of an ugly hairy lower body or an equally ugly prickly, bleeding lower body. There has to be something out there for women like me!

  • Some sites talking about body shaving say not to use an electric razor, others say it is OK with limitations. I think you could possibly use an electric razor or two, but you would have to experiment to get the right one or ones. I use a cheap Panasonic foil razor and a slightly more expensive Norelco rotary razor. I do not use the expensive models.

    I use two different types of electric razors for shaving my face in the morning. I use a rotary one if I have gone 2 days or more without shaving. It can cut too close if pushed into the skin. It cuts longer stubble better. I just need to be careful about application. For daily use, I use a foil razor. It can cut close without razor burn or ingrown hairs. It will not cut longer hairs with the shaving foil in many cases.

    The skin in the pubic area is different than the skin on the legs is different than the skin in the arm pits. Therefore experimentation would have to be done to find a suitable electric razor for each.

    I would suppose that if you are shaving the public area, there will be moisture and bacteria, but not a lot of shavings that can be uses to get rid of the moisture and bacteria. Therefore it might be advisable to disinfect the shaving heads after each use or after a few uses, probably with very hot water. It might also be advisable to do leg shaving with a different razor and pit shaving with a different razor. Maybe you could do legs then pubic area or legs then pits, but not all three nor pubic and pits with the same razor unless disinfecting in between.
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    • Hello!
      I have the same problem. I also feel like I have reached a dead end. I have not tried epilation but from what i read online apparently that also causes ingrown hairs and never really gets you down to smooth skin. I know it has been a while since you posted, have you found any solutions or atleast anything thats made an improvement. My current method is to just not shave as often, but even then it is painful during shaving and when the hair is growing back. And its never smooth.


      • My suggestion would be to save up and have laser. Yes it's extremely painful and expensive but it will make a huge improvement to your problem. Even if your hair doesn't disappear completely, the hair that remains will be very fine and soft.


        • Please help!!

          I'm only fifteen and I have part of the problems you do. So I do have dark and thick hair (or I don't know if it's thick or not 'cause I really don't have much to compare it) I also have the pili mulitgemini - or whatever it was called - but before I read this I didn't even know it wasn't normal. So as you probably can see I'm not an expert in these things.
          But my biggest problem right now is that I'm a gymnast and we have practices five times a week and as you probably understand I really don't want to go there with hair in my arm pits or anything. I also can't shave often because its just painful and I get lots of rash and in grown hairs and stuff like that. I can do it maybe once in two weeks with an average result but not any often. I just don't know what to do anymore?
          The best result I got when one evening I took tweezers and just simply pulled every hair in my arm pits out. Well that took many hours and my under arms were a little bit red for the next couple days so it wasn't very good solution. This may sound funny but that really is the best thing that I have figured out The results lasted for a couple weeks and there were no in grown hair or rash.
          Now I'm thinking that maybe Electrolysis (or laser) would be a good thing. But as I told before I'm only fifteen so I really can't spend a lot on this thing even if it is really important to me.
          So does anyone have any advice? I would also like to know more about Electrolysis and what other things I could do at home.

          Please help me!


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