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Hollywood/Brazilian wax concerns

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  • Hollywood/Brazilian wax concerns

    Hello all. I would like to hear from some people who have experience getting a Brazilian/Hollywood wax. I am going on a 7 day cruise on Aug 9th and am considering getting one before hand. I normally shave and do not want to worry about shaving for the 7-8 days I'm gone. I have very course hair that comes back, what I feel, instantly after I shave. I may be good for 2 days with shaving. That's it. SO that being said, I will continue with my questions for people who have experience getting a Brazilian/Hollywood wax.

    1. Number one question. How bad was your pain? yes pain is subjective I know you cannot tell me how bad it will hurt. But I am curious. I have waxed my legs and eyebrows before, both were easily tolerated.

    2. What do you think about numbing agents? I am thinking about getting some No Scream Cream (search on google if you would like, it is a benzocaine numbing agent that you apply 40 minutes before). Should I apply the cream and keep it on for the appointment? Remove it in the bathroom before? Not sure.

    3. I have had a couple of ingrown hairs in my life. I am concerned about getting them post hollywood wax. I use a body wash with salicylic acid and I heard that can be used to prevent ingrowns. What is the best way to prevent them?

    4. I am concerned about the date I should book my appointment. I am leaving on Aug 8th. At first I planned to have my appointment on Aug 7, the day before, but now I am worried about a few things: what if I am red and sore the next day and I have to sit in the car for 6 hours on my cooch? What if I am sweaty from sitting in the car/being on the ocean on a cruise ship Aug 9th and forward/ exposing my inner thighs to the sun = ingrowns and irritation? What if I cant exfoliate properly in the small cruise ship shower? (also, this is my first cruise by the way).

    Am I overreacting? Does it really matter if I get it done on the day before I leave? I could try to book it Monday, Aug 5th I guess.
    I plan to book my appointment today or tomorrow. Curious if I can just ask to talk to an esthetician over the phone with my salon. We will see.

    ********side note, I am not nervous about being naked in front of an esthetician, so we don't need to worry about that
    ********I also plan to take 2 Advil before hand just for fun.

    Any advice or information is appreciated. Thanks!

  • I would also like to hear more about this. I have never waxed before and have the same issue!


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