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Ladyscaping....opinions and advice please

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  • Ladyscaping....opinions and advice please

    So I've had all my pubic hair lasered off and have definitely loved not only the look but also the feel but.....I think I want to see if I can grow some hair back and am curious about 'designs'. Clearly I've got some free time because I have been researching styles and I actually like the triangle look over a rectangle strip. So what I want to know is where does the point of the triangle actually end?

    I want to keep all the pubic hair off my labia - completely hair free underneath shall we say.

    I guess this will be an interesting experiment to see now if any hair grows back and whether there will be enough to look good.

    Anyway, I know there's been loads of threads on pubic hair so I appologise for bringing it up again. I just want to know what style you like best.

    Actually, is there anyone out there who has managed to grow hair back after more than a year of monthly laser?

    Moral of the story.....probably best not to do permanent things to your body because eventually you're more than likely going to want to reverse your decision. It's not the end of the world for me if no hair grows back but it would be nice to mix it up occasionally.

    Wow!! Very long winded post.

  • Anyone......


    • I apologize for not seeing this thread last night. You should never be ignored!

      Even when my SO was married and non-sexual, she would get waxed on a semi regular basis -- the complete Monty so to speak. She has an OCD cleanliness streak and she thinks it is a much cleaner look. When we started our relationship and she discovered my obsession with cunilingus and analingus, she regularly waxed. I asked her to keep some hair and we agreed on the landing strip. I thought it looked too "young" totally bare. Otherwise she keeps herself completely hairless. I think she wishes that she would bear the time and expense of laser treatments.

      Six years later, I think she looks beautiful with no hair. I love the look of her vagina and the no hair look just brings it out. Before I responded to this thread, I looked at some of the "galleries" on the internet. I liked the heart look and both the arrowhead (point up) and triangle, all closely cropped, look fine. How she kept herself was always up to her -- I feel lucky to be able to "borrow it" as often as she will allow me.

      You made the right choice. Waxing is so much better than shaving . . . but the process is painful, time consuming (over a lifetime) and, if the woman is shy, like my SO, a bit embarrassing.
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      • Thank you effy. I've done some research and don't know if all my hair will ever grow back. I'm not going to lose sleep over choosing to laser the hair which in turn means a very permanent decision but if I could go back and start over I don't know if I would have got the Hollywood. My SO is happy I'm happy but being able to mix it up is something I wish I could do right now.


        • My moods change & I like to do different things with mine too. If you're lucky enough to get some growth back, which I doubt you do, it probably won't be enough to do any fun things with. Hhmmm, wonder if there's a wig for pubes? LOL! A little hairpiece for temporary placement? :P


          • Originally posted by atskitty2 View Post
            My moods change & I like to do different things with mine too. If you're lucky enough to get some growth back, which I doubt you do, it probably won't be enough to do any fun things with. Hhmmm, wonder if there's a wig for pubes? LOL! A little hairpiece for temporary placement? :P
            You have made me laugh out loud!! If worse comes to worse I could consider getting plugs!! (I'm joking) Or maybe draw something in like when penciling my eyebrows!!!

            Maybe next time I get my hair cut I can keep some of the hair and glue it on for a new look!


            • There are wigs for "down there" - they're called merkins. A cursory Wikipedia search leads to interesting finds. Who doesn't want hot pink pubes?

              I am very lazy about ladyscaping. I keep it all trimmed but never shave the mons pubis (too sensitive for me) so I can't really make fun shapes. It sounds like fun, but my heart isn't breaking over it.
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              • Ha! I should have guessed!
                Now I have a mental image of some poorly placed merkin, with second rate adhesive, that falls off & wiggles it's way down your leg & onto the floor at an important business meeting or some ideal moment. "Is that a spider on the floor by your leg Mrs Romy?"
                Or, as a man's cheap toupee, jerking & flopping around during sexual activity.


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