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Pumice stone and hair removal?

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  • Pumice stone and hair removal?

    Does anyone use a pumice stone for hair removal..? Does it work? I have the darkest/course hair ever! Iv never seen/come across anyone with darker hair then I have =\
    Laser hair removal is not an option(can't afford it) waxing is so painful, nair makes my hair folicals infected... So I'm stuck with what to try anymore...? Any ideas?!?

  • Originally posted by pryidevs
    Actually we both are on same bot. But in my case I don't have dark hair as you mention. But I can actually afford LHR but read on internet that after laser hair removal your hair growth is going double.This is the reason I am not going with it. I am also thinking to use pumice stone if some have a good experience with it.
    I'm not sure that's entirely accurate what you've read on the internet. I know of five people (friends)who have had LHR about three and four years ago and only go back twice a year for a touch up. Their hair definitely hasn't doubled in fact hardly any of it has grown back. In two weeks it will have been a year since I began LHR and I have never even had to use a razor during that time because no hair has come back. I swear by this form a hair removal if you can afford it. My results have been outstanding. I wish I'd done it years ago.


    • It sounds as if you not only have coarse hair, but also have sensitive skin. That would put you in the same boat with me.

      There are a few things that I have learned that helped me quite a bit. I have come to terms with the fact that I need to take a break between shaves. I used to shave every day because my hair is so dark, but I was killing my own skin. This also caused many red bumps because the skin had not healed so that the hair could break through as it grew...ingrown hairs really suck. So, now that I was shaving every second or third day I started to notice the hair didn't feel so course, because it was actually a short hair and not stubble.

      Then I stopped using any kind of lotion and replaced it with coconut oil after I turned the shower water off, but before I towel dried. Please do not go out and buy an expensive jar of coconut oil at a health foods store. It is a waste of money. You should be able to get organic coconut oil in the cooking section of your grocery store for about $6 and it lasts a long time. It does not look like oil. It is solid at room temp and melts in your hand. It is best to put about half of the jar in something plastic that will be easy to use and that has a lid for the shower. Glass jars are never a good idea in the shower. Apply it from the next all the way down. It is not at all greasy. It is even less greasy than lotions we all use because it soaks in almost immediately.

      After a month, my skin was not only healed, it looked better than it ever had. No more bumps. The hair follicles around each hair were healthy and allowed free movement of my individual hairs. I have no skin discomfort from shaving because the skin and hair follows what my razor is doing instead of standing out against it like a mini-malitia. Do not underestimate a good soak before shaving and shave slowly.

      Once my skin became healthy and I came to grips with the fact that if I want to be smooth and hairless, it would take more time and effort than it does others, I am finally shaving daily again and even stubble that I may miss by accident is softer. My husband has no complaints and I am happy to say that pajama bottoms are no longer my chosen sleepwear.


      • I haven't tried it so not sure how much help it would be, never heard of it as an option either ... Hopefully the other suggestions given above help you


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