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Vitamin C as hair removal?

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    Vitamin C as hair removal?

    Vitamin C as hair removal?
    I recently dyed my black(natural) hair to a golden brown. I totally hate it. I want to get my natural colour hair (black) back. If I use the mix of powder vitamin C and shampoo will I get it back?

    No. You've removed pigment from your hair, and the only way to put it back to normal is to try to dye it your natural shade.

    Vitamin C + shampoo will supposedly remove temporary vegetable-based dyes faster than they would normally fade. I'm assuming based on your results that you used traditional dye that Vit C won't help.
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      Hey. Hair removal can be costly, but with this simple home remedy you can remove even intense red color from your hair. I managed to change the hair color from dark red to platinum blonde after removing the dye at home using this method. It works fine.

      I'll tell you how to make a paste to remove the dye.
      How to apply it to remove hair dye.

      This is an incredibly simple process. Let's go to!
      Part 1. Making a mixture for removing the dye

      First, pour a quarter of the size of a simple shampoo into a dish. You may need a little more if you have long hair.
      Crush five to ten tablets of vitamin C until you get a fine powder. This can be done by placing the tablets on a small plate and crushing them with a cup.
      Pour the vitamin C powder into the amount of shampoo in the amount of a quarter. Mix it until it becomes a paste.

      Wet (but do not permeate) the hair with this mixture. Make sure that it is mixed everywhere. Do more if you need your hair to be completely covered.
      Leave the mixture in the hair for 30-60 minutes.
      Thoroughly rinse hair, and then shampoo and hair condition, as you always do.
      Repeat if necessary. Once you are finished, you will probably need to dye your hair in the desired color.

      Using this mixture last fall, I was able to completely remove the red dye from my hair just a couple of weeks after I drew it. Then I was able to whiten hair to a platinum blonde! That's how good this mixture is. Now there is no need to spend money on removing hair color in the salon, just buy simple shampoos and tablets from vitamin C, and you are ready to go!

      It's not entirely clear why vitamin C works so well to remove hair dyes, but it is believed that ascorbic acid (the main ingredient in vitamin C) is that it interacts with dye molecules and destroys the chemical chain that causes the dye to stick to the hair.

      It can also be citric acid, which helps to destroy the dye, which will allow you to wash it. Whatever the reason, vitamin C is the right way to remove any type of hair dye, old or new, without any significant damage to the hair, except for a little bit of dryness.
      How to make a mask for removing hair dye with vitamin C

      Steps to create a Vitamin C hair mask are fairly simple with just a few simple ingredients. Perhaps you already have vitamin C tablets in your medicine cabinet, which are perfect for this recipe, but I recommend getting a direct powder of ascorbic acid, which is much easier to work with.

      Milligrams of vitamin C do not really matter with this recipe, only on the basis of its ascorbic acid. You can easily use the potency of 500 mg or 1000 mg with the same results.