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Want to remove hair around my butt?

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  • Want to remove hair around my butt?

    WHI Editor's Note: For the latest discussion on butt hair, why we have it, and how to remove it, join us here!

    I have a lot of body hair and it's black. I've never shown my butt to anyone other than my mum so I've never had a reason to really shave that area. And now I have a boyfriend so I guess I have to. Give me advice, how do I remove it? I don't feel safe putting a blade near my ************************.
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  • Maybe your bf would be OK with hair around your butt. I'm not sure how to bring it up in a conversation, though. It wouldn't be a turn off for me.
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    • The best and fastest way is waxing the area. There is many salon who do this work for your vagina and your anus area for a fee of course. My wife gets her own waxing kit and does it her self for the past 25 years. I am very please of her handy work over the years lol.
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      • I would recommend waxing i guess... My hair is very thin and grows very slowly so i use a razor and i only have to do it like once a month. But shaving everything daily or even weekly doesn't make sense to me.
        Waxing hurts but you get used to it.


        • Originally posted by Moriya View Post
          Waxing hurts but you get used to it.
          That's the truth. Fastest is waxing but it'll take a while to get used to that intense, but relatively short pain.


          • I agree with jns that some body hair on a women is not a turn off. Even if on the butt some fine light hair can be very sexy. For other men maybe different but do what you feel you need to do for you. Sounds like you may like the results from Laser Hair removal better. My GF daughter has looked into this. I would not call her hairy at all but it is more of a image and pride thing I think because she is Asian and well there seems to be a thing that Asian women should not have body hair. On the other hand her mother is has slightly less body hair but could not give a rip about some leg hair showing. It can be permanent if done with the correct Laser for your skin and hair type and performed by a excellent technician. Problem is the cost and the bucks she is asking mom for is...ouch, but if it makes one feel better about themselves and happier I say it is worth it. I am happy to help the daughter out with a portion of the cost.


            • Originally posted by susanlinda823
              Ai Ai Ai! I have girlfriends that wax that area...I am going to try it. Will let you know of the results! :O
              Well if you, have a husband or boyfriend you trust to do it for you. This can lead into something very pleasing after you are all done Susan so good luck. { 8 - )
              When out driving always turn left. Then, should you become lost, you can find your way home by reversing the procedure and always turning right.


              • If you fear of the blade then wax is the option for you and you can also go for laser treatment. Through laser treatment you can get the permanent solution for your problem.


                • Originally posted by Karishma
                  Yes Sure I agree with you....waxing is right Choice.....
                  Yea shaving would cause razor bumps and wife hated that plus it would itch that she couldn't stand.
                  When out driving always turn left. Then, should you become lost, you can find your way home by reversing the procedure and always turning right.


                  • Would definitely recommend waxing. Waxing actually damages the hair follicles and so should slow down the regrowth and may even make the hair that does grow back much thinner and lighter than before.


                    • I guess you should choose between waxing and laser. It depends from how much money and time you are ready to spend. Check this out before my laser hair removal I took all the information there.
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                      • I know this thread is dated, but in my experience, laser works - right up until the 2 year 'guarantee' they give you and it comes back in droves. I had this done all over my chin and it worked wonderfully, until it didn't.
                        I have a heritage that is, let's say, a hairy culture, and so I have dark hairs on all sorts of places I don't think it should be! I pluck wax and shave everywhere.
                        I would pay for wax on a regular basis if I could afford to, it really does work the best, for me.
                        I have done the self waxing at home and it requires a mirror and a lot of patience, and no one else at home at all.
                        My husband doesn't mind the plucking on the face he thinks it's fun to watch, as I shrivel in my seat, but then, he accepts me and knows all me bad parts, so I should actually have him do my waxing sometime! haha

                        Wax works best. imho


                        • I would suggest using veet to scrape it off. It's not permanent but it takes time for it to grow it's much more less painful than wax


                          • hi

                            Apply shaving cream to the hairy areas and shave your butt using a razor. Shaving is the most common and most efficient method of hair removal. Results of shaving are temporary; hair generally returns within a few days because shaving only removes hair from the skin's surface. Use a mirror to help navigate hard to reach areas.


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                            • If the woman I'm seeing asks me, I'll shave her butt for her. But hair around her butt has never bothered me.


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